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I always believe that I was born on this earth for a reason. I also have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. So, I always try my best to solve the problems of my society. In today’s world, problems arise in true relationships, and it is very difficult to meet both ends (financial problems). My best friends are books, and I love reading on the internet. The result of more than ten years of reading on the internet and in books has always earned unique and advanced recognition in the eyes of society. I am an editor and author. As an editor, you can read my articles in Kal News (website Kal.News). Reading my books gives you a new imagination while you read the words. And moreover, it gives a clear vision of the subject. Once you know everything, there is less chance of failing at your task.

Don’t do experiments in your life, life is precious. Save your time on this earth. Learn from my experience and get on the path to success.

Learn something new from my experience. I have already dedicated time for new experiments. Experience says, “With one method, you can make a bulb, but with many methods, you cannot create a bulb.” So, for better life’s, I have started writing. Use my knowledge and, experience, to live a better life.

I believe that knowledge is the only way to live a better life. Because you learn something once and implement it for the rest of your life. With this motto, I will be sharing my knowledge through eBooks and Paperback. Here I shall be sharing my knowledge related to living a beautiful life in full swing.

An expert in creating books with marketing in mind helps to demonstrate the most effective techniques for achieving success, having an influence, and eventually earning more money. People always leave one of my sessions motivated, fired up, and with specific actions to take right away.

Books will be related to many topics like Relations, Love, business, opportunity, and tips & tricks to enhance your knowledge. I am here to enhance my subscribers’ experience, although I already have more than 3500 subscribers to my Paazy blog (https://paazy.club). Rest you can follow me on Social Sites at Facebook Page (rishiwiki) My Facebook Profile (followrishi), Twitter (paazy), Instagram (followrishi) and LinkedIn (paazy). You can connect with me on WhatsApp at +91-7278795000.

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Rishi Pal Sharma

I believe that words have the power to create change, and I am committed to using my platform for the greater good. My hope is that my book will not only entertain readers, but also inspire them to make a difference in the world.

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