Affiliate program with life time income

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Our users generate points by completing the task. And they can redeem points for money. So with this vision, we share our profits with our active users, also known as “affiliate. Our affiliate also generate referral income on satisfied sales.

Generate points and ask for the price of the day to redeem them. A minimum of 1,000 points can be redeemed. It’s never been that easy to generate points. Here is the list of how you can generate points.

  • Points for Daily Visits
  • Points for Login
  • Points for Anniversary
  • Points for reading content
  • Points for clicking links
  • Points for subscribe

The kal mass media company has started an affiliate program that offers a lifetime income opportunity. This program allows people to earn a commission on every sale that we make. In order to participate in this program, people must first sign up. Once they are registered, they can start promoting the kal mass media products and services.

What makes us difference from others?

Your clients remain yours for life. Therefore, whenever your clients purchase our services, you generate income. This is why we say “lifetime income opportunity. On every satisfied and completed transaction, you can be paid 10% as your referral incentive for free subscriber. And if you are a contributor, you will get 20% of your referral income.

What is affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a type of performance-based marketing in which a company rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. The affiliate program provides a way for a company to expand its reach and to get new customers or visitors to its website. It also provides a way for people with a website to make money by referring others to a company. typically, an affiliate program works by providing the affiliate with a special link to use when linking to the company’s website. When someone clicks on that special link, the affiliate program recognizes that the visitor was referred by the affiliate and rewards the affiliate by crediting the affiliate account with a defined commission, percentage of sale, or other form of compensation.

Life time income opportunity

The cookies are set for life in our affiliate programme. They will last for the duration of the programme and no longer. This ensures that the cookies will be set for the entire duration of the programme and that no affiliate will lose out on potential commissions.

Track your sales

Once registered, reach the affiliate area (backend office) and copy the URL page with your affiliate or referral ID. And promote anywhere, like your social media account, email, and website. And with our professional affiliate dashboard, you can track your sales.

Tiered Income as performance base additional bonus

A performance-based additional bonus can be a great way to motivate our affiliate and increase productivity. However, it is important to set clear expectations for what constitutes acceptable performance in order to avoid any confusion or frustration. Affiliate should be made aware of what is expected of them, and a quick way to do this is by setting measurable goals. By establishing specific and achievable goals, affiliate will know what they need to do in order to receive the bonus income.

It is also known as performance base income. In other word, referral earnings based or referral count based. To boost your income we are running a campaign. Become Contributor to promote your existing business and get a Performance base incentive.

On joiningAdditional Incentives
111000 ($12 USD)
212500 ($30 USD)
517650 ($92 USD)

Let’s check the income bases of above sales.

As a Contributor : You are generating affiliate commission is 20% on each satisficed sales. As a contributor they need to pay 825/- ($10) per month. For more information about contributor Click here.

If 51 enroll under you on the first month and your monthly income starts at 8415/-($101 USD) per month plus ($92 USD) Rs.7650 (performance income) =16065 ($193 USD), And the best part is that every business needs exposure, so they need to pay monthly charges, just like a subscription. And as a contributor, your income is fixed at 8415/-.

Rest assured, all other services can pay you additional income other than this. One of our products is worth Rs.150,000 ($1811 USD) for the business owner. In this way, you can generate Rs.30,000 ($362) as your referral income. To check out all the products, Click here.

After 12 month, you shall be getting Rs.100980 ($1219 USD) per month.

And if you have an existing business, your sales profit would be an addition from the advertisement. And if you make a target of 51 people every month,

Start selling on Mobile

If you don’t want to send any link to your customer, just educate them, how they can grow their business and find new clients. In addition to start second income. While teaching them online, you can use checkout referral program. In this, when a user checkout for the payment, the user can mention the affiliate name. So that affiliate get paid on the sales.

Direct Tracking Link

Many times affiliates don’t generate any revenue because users don’t want to use affiliate links for purchases, so we have to solve this issue. After registration, just register your website with us. And start writing an article or sharing a link on your website without any referral ID. And you shall be paid whenever somebody reaches your website and purchases our services.

QR Code

Just copy the QR code on your visiting card and on your website. Let the people scan to know more. It can be used as a marketing tool to boost your sales.

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