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District Magistrate gives 10-day extension to 35 license holders working as travel agents in Patiala district to renew their licenses

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  • Licenses of those who do not renew their license within 10 days will be permanently canceled – Additional District Magistrate Jagjit Singh
    Patiala, August 17:
    District Magistrate-cum-Deputy Commissioner Patiala office has issued an order and has given 10 days more time to 35 license holders working as Oils, Consultancy, Travel Agent etc. in the district to renew their licenses. Additional District Magistrate-cum-Additional Deputy Commissioner (J) Jagjit Singh said that the office of District Magistrate-cum-Deputy Commissioner Patiala issues licenses to those working as Oils, Consultancy, Travel Agent etc. under the said act. The duration of which is fixed at 5 years and it is mandatory to renew the license two months before its expiry but the 35 license holders have not yet renewed their licenses nor surrendered the licences. Therefore, they have been instructed to renew their licenses. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of their license and will not be considered for renewal.
    In the order issued by the ADC-cum-Additional District Magistrate, Migration World Rajpura, N.S. Financial and Immigration Services, BK Immigration Services, Argus Group Patiala, LSE Leela Bhavan, Infinite Wages Education Rajpura, Trustlink Education Leela Bhavan, Visa Desk Immigration Leela Bhavan, Seerat Migration Rajpura, Virk Overseas Career Solutions Leela Bhavan, Divam Enterprises Patardan, Sehgal Institute Of English Leela Bhawan, Ostrich Immigration Leela Bhawan, Global Touch Patiala, Verma Tour and Travels Patiala, Jass Education and Immigration Patiala, Next Immigration Service Patiala, Career 7 Siege Immigration Patiala include names.
    Apart from this Gamid Visa Point Patiala, Unique Enterprises Patiala, Expert Overseas Immigration Consultant Rajpura, English Master Patiala, P.K. Sir’s English Heights Patiala, Highland Immigration Consultant Patiala, Sky Lark Education Patiala, Vision Visa Consultant Patiala, Global Way Immigration Consultant Patiala, Foreign Land Education and Immigration Consultancy Rajpura, Gold Store Overseas Consultant Patiala, ASPV. Immigration Services Patiala, Nimble Immigration Patiala, Alvin Consultants Pudda Bhavan Urban Estate, Hargun Overseas Consultants Sukhmani Complex Punjabi University, Real Tour and Travel Lung Complex and Overseas Immigration Expert Leela Bhavan are the names of the license holders who will be notified within 10 days. A deadline has been given to renew your license.
  • ADC Said Punjab Prevention of Human Trafficking Rules 2013 framed under the Punjab Prevention of Human Trafficking Act 2012 (amended name, Punjab Travel Professional Regulation Act Wide Government Notification No. GSR 49/PA2/2013/S8 Amd (1) 2014 dated 16-09-2014) issued under these orders shall be effective immediately.

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