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Boost your real estate sales with a referral and CRM program.

Focus on building strong relationships with clients to generate more referrals and increase sales. This will help you grow your business and reputation in the industry. Implementing a CRM system can help you track client interactions and follow up effectively, while a referral programme can incentivize current clients to recommend your services to others. By combining these strategies, you can create a sustainable source of leads and ultimately drive more sales for your real estate business.

CRM stands for customer relationship management.

It is a system that helps businesses manage interactions with current and potential clients. CRM allows businesses to track and analyse customer interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Built for enterprise: All of your contacts are in one place. Easy to manage, easy to take action, never lose another lead, and turn customers into advocates. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. CRM systems are essential tools for real estate agents looking to streamline their lead generation and sales processes. By utilising CRM software, you can effectively nurture relationships with clients and prospects, leading to increased revenue and long-term success in the industry.

Kal CRM is a powerful tool that helps businesses manage their sales funnel and revenue on one simple dashboard. It focuses on nurturing contacts and leveraging data to grow the business. The CRM is built around contacts and offers extensions like the Client Portal and Invoicing Pro. It allows businesses to create and send proposals, invoices, and transactions, and track transactions per contact or company. Kal CRM also provides a private portal for contacts, allowing them to view their quotes, transactions, and invoices. Users can create quotes, send them, and receive payments directly from the portal, eliminating the need to search through files.

Advance referral program.

Users can easily track their referrals and rewards through the portal. Users can easily track their referrals and rewards through the portal. Additionally, they can access customer support directly from the platform.

Powerful Affiliate Management

We make affiliate management effortless. Customise affiliate registration, onboarding, the approval process, payouts, and more.

Smart Commission Rules

Set up a commission structure that works for your business. Includes one-time, recurring, tiered, lifetime, and personalised commissions.

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Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State Open University has established the God Parshuram Chair in Patiala and celebrated the birthday of God Parshuram.

Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State Open University has established the God Parshuram Chair in Patiala and celebrated the birthday of God Parshuram on 8/5/24. They conducted a seminar dedicated to God (Pashuram). The seminar focused on his teachings and contributions to society under the guidance of Dr.Karamjeet Singh, VC of Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State University.

On this occasion, a special guest was Prof. Ramesh Chander Bhardwaj, VC of Sanskrit Maharishi Valmiki University, who delivered a keynote address outlining the importance of Pashuram’s legacy. He emphasised the need for the younger generation to understand and appreciate the teachings of Pashuram in order to uphold traditional values and principles.

A renowned speaker, Dr. Vibha Aggarwal, was present from the department of Sanskrit kurukshetra. She highlighted how Pashuram’s teachings can serve as a guiding light for future generations. And she also briefly mentioned God Parshuram’s life history, incidents, and his unwavering dedication to upholding dharma. She emphasised the importance of incorporating these teachings into modern life for spiritual growth and self-improvement. And many of her followers made a vow to carry on Parshuram’s legacy as a result of her stirring words. Dr. Aggarwal’s insightful presentation shed light on the relevance of Parshuram’s teachings in today’s society, urging individuals to reflect on their own values and beliefs. Her message resonated with the audience, inspiring many to commit to following in Parshuram’s footsteps and embodying his principles in their daily lives. In this event, many Snathani leaders and followers were present. The event served as a catalyst for a new wave of spiritual awakening and dedication among the community.

At the event, a book, Bhagwan Parshuram Ji: Jiwan and Sadhna, written by Dr. Parvinder Sharma was released, providing further inspiration and guidance to all those in attendance. Dr. Manjit Singh, registrar of Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State Open University, thanks the audience for their continued support and participation in the event. He emphasised the importance of following Parshuram’s teachings in order to lead a fulfilling and purposeful life. Dr. Singh also encouraged everyone to carry forward the message of peace and harmony that was at the core of Parshuram’s philosophy.

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Patiala district administration is fully alert to conduct fair, transparent, and fear-free elections.

DC and SSP shared information with the media about election preparations and schedules.
A public notice about the Lok Sabha elections was issued, static surveillance began, and flying squads were activated.
To be part of a strong democracy, it is necessary to use the right to vote, said Shaukat Ahmed Pare.
Patiala Police is fully committed to conducting elections in a fear-free and peaceful manner (SSP).

Patiala, May 7:
To conduct fair, transparent, and fear-free Lok Sabha elections, District Administration Patiala is being vigilant and sharing the instructions and programmes of the Election Commission of India regarding the election process with the media. Speaking to reporters at the District Administrative Complex today, Patiala Lok Sabha Constituency Returning Officer and District Election Officer-cum-Deputy Commissioner Shaukat Ahmed Pare issued a public notice about the Lok Sabha elections as per the instructions of the Election Commission of India, as well as the District Election Management Plan. Also issued On this occasion, SSP Varun Sharma, SP (City) Sarfaraj Alam, and Additional District Election Officer Navreet Kaur Sekhon were also present.

District Election Officer Shaukat Ahmed Pare said that the district administration and the district police have completed all the arrangements to conduct the Lok Sabha elections in a fair, transparent, and fear-free manner. He appealed to the voters, saying that the administration will provide a peaceful environment for them so that they can be a part of a strong democracy by exercising their right to vote without any fear or intimidation. He announced that the static surveillance teams in all assembly constituencies, formed with the commencement of nominations for the elections on Thursday, June 1, 2024, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., have begun to check vehicles by installing barricades on the roads. In addition to this, teams from the flying squads are also actively conducting checks.

Shaukat Ahmed Pare announced that the Deputy Commissioner’s Court Room (Room No. 108) will accept nomination papers from May 7 to May 14 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 does not declare May 10, the day of Lord Parashumram Jayanti, as a holiday. Apart from this, May 11 will be the second Saturday, and May 12 will be a holiday. He announced that the nominations will undergo scrutiny on Wednesday, May 15, and candidates will have the opportunity to withdraw their nominations until May 17. He announced that the Election Commission of India will finalise the list of all candidates on the same day and allocate election marks to the independent candidates. He urged all the contesting candidates to ensure strict adherence to the instructions of the Election Commission of India.
The district election officer said that the district administration, according to the instructions of the Election Commission, has prepared various forms before May 12 to cast the votes of the senior citizens above 85 years of age, the disabled, and the election staff posted on any kind of duty for the elections.

The district administration has also made comprehensive arrangements for reimbursement. He stated that we should not deprive any voter of their right to vote, but instead encourage them to exercise their right to vote with full enthusiasm. He stated that the district sweep team is actively promoting voting to achieve the Election Commission’s target of over 70 percent of votes.

On this occasion, SSP Varun Sharma said that the District Police has cracked down on the wrong elements to conduct the Lok Sabha elections in a peaceful and fear-free manner. According to his statement, the Election Commission of India and the Chief Electoral Officer Punjab have instructed the district to deposit 85 percent of licensed weapons. In addition, CCTV cameras continuously monitor 14 interstate checkpoints on the Patiala district’s border with Haryana, strictly monitoring the entry of drugs, illegal liquor, weapons, and suspicious individuals. He stated that the flying squad teams are actively working to prevent the use of “money and muscle power” to influence voters and to conduct surprise checks.

SSP He further stated that the Patiala police have also arrested 57 absconders, as well as recovered illegal cash worth Rs. 20 lakh and 19 kg of silver after the election. While NDPS The NDPS has successfully registered 93 cases under the Act, recovering 10 kg of opium and 3 kg of heroin, while also registering 116 cases under the Excise Act. He stated that the district will closely monitor drugs, illegal liquor, ammunition, and illegal cash. On this occasion, District Public Relations Officer Hakam Thapar, DSP. Raj Kumar Sharma, and other officials were also present.
District Election Officer Shaukat Ahmed Pare and S.S.P. Varun Sharma release District Patiala’s Election Management Plan for the Lok Sabha Elections. Photo Caption:

Photo Caption: District Election Officer Shaukat Ahmed Pare and S.S.P. Varun Sharma talking to reporters about the Lok Sabha elections. SP with them. Additionally visible are City Sarfaraj Alam and Additional District Election Officer Navreet Kaur Sekhon.

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A crowd gathered at the inauguration of NK Sharma’s election office.

Public support during the election campaign confirms Akali Dal’s victory. N.K. Sharma Many leaders, including Surjit Singh Rakhra, Bibi Mukhmailpur, Charanjit Brar, Bhupendra Sheikhpura, Kabir Das Bittu Chattha, Makkhan Lalka, and Surjit Singh Garhi, arrived.Patiala.

Yesterday, Shiromani Akali Dal candidate NK Sharma from the Patiala Lok Sabha constituency inaugurated his main election office near Hotel Shaurya on Central Jail Road, Patiala. NK Sharma recited Sukhmani Sahib and performed kirtan on this occasion. Following the Ardaas, they inaugurated the office. Among those in attendance were former cabinet minister Surjit Singh Rakhra, former MLA Harpreet Kaur Mukhmailpur, Charanjit Singh Brar, Jaspal Singh Bittu Chattha, Amarinder Singh Bajaj, Inder Mohan Singh Bajaj, Kabir Das, Bhupendra Shekhupura, Shiromani Committee member Surjit Singh Garhi, and District President Jarnail.

Many senior Akali leaders, including Singh Kartarpur, were present.Speaking on the occasion, NK Sharma said that the way people are supporting the election campaign has made it clear that Akali Dal’s victory in the constituency is certain. Only 20 days remain for voting, during which Shiromani Akali Dal President Sukhbir Badal will lead the Punjab Bachao Yatra to Samana on May 13. Following this, Sukhbir Singh Badal will moderate his programmes on May 27. He urged the group in-charges, workers, and leaders to cast their votes individually and reach out to each house. Therefore, all the leaders and workers should handle their duties in the field.

He said that on one hand, Shiromani Akali Dal is standing shoulder to shoulder with the farmers, while on the other hand, Bharatiya Janata Party and Aam Aadmi Party have proved to be anti-farmers. Sharma stated that Aam Aadmi Party candidate and Cabinet Minister Balbir Singh has not been able to provide compensation for the acquired land to 400 farmer families in 24 villages, causing AAP and BJP leaders to face opposition in the villages. On the other hand, Congress workers are disappointed in making Gandhi the candidate. In such a situation, this is the right time when people should be associated with Akali Dal.Speaking on the occasion, former cabinet minister Surjit Singh Rakhra said that there is a lot of anger among the people about the candidates of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Aam Aadmi Party, and Congress. People are supporting Shiromani Akali Dal.

He stated that under the 7 years of Congress and Aam Aadmi Party rule in Punjab, the roads and sewerage systems in both rural and urban areas are in poor condition, and the closure of numerous public welfare schemes such as the Shagun Scheme, Atta-Dal Scheme, and the Old Age Pension Scheme has resulted in significant hardship for the people. I am angry. Apart from others, Bibi Mukhmailpur, Charanjit Singh Brar Kabir Das, Jaspal Singh Bittu, Urban Pradhan Amit Rathi, Sukhwinder Pal Singh Minta, and Amarinder Singh Bajaj Surjit Singh Garhi also addressed this occasion.

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Due to Arvind Kejriwal being in jail, many works in Delhi came to a halt.

Due to Arvind Kejriwal being in jail, many works in Delhi came to a halt. Even after a rebuke from the High Court, Kejriwal is not resigning from the post of Chief Minister.

Patiala, 27 AprilIn Delhi schools, students do not get books. The High Court has strongly reprimanded the Delhi government led by Arvind Kejriwal. The court has also said that by not resigning, Kejriwal has put his personal interests above the national interest.

On Saturday, a BJP candidate and MP from Patiala Lok Sabha Maharani Preneet Kaur told the media. He said that the Delhi High Court last Friday strongly reprimanded Arvind Kejriwal for not resigning from the post of Chief Minister. Court even asserted during the petition hearing that the Delhi government, under the leadership of the AAP party, solely seeks power. Arvind Kejriwal, who exaggerates the level of education in Delhi, is deliberately unaware of the fact that children are not getting books today. If Kejriwal was concerned about children’s education, he would have given priority to their future, resigned from his post, and paid homage to Baba Sahib. This action would have resulted in a greater level of respect for the Constitution crafted by Ambederji.MP Maharani Preneet Kaur, speaking to the media, said that the MCD Commissioner had argued in court that the non-formation of local committees was a major reason for the non-distribution of notebooks, stationery items, uniforms, and school bags.

Only the committees have the power and authority to award contracts worth more than Rs 5 crore, and the Chief Minister, who is currently in jail, is the committee chairman. Without the chairman, committees cannot take any decisions as per law. Therefore, children currently lack access to books, stationery, and school bags.

Taking aim at the Aam Aadmi Party, MP Preneet Kaur said that the AAP minister, who asserted that Delhi’s education structure has reached a world-class level, is prepared to provide books and other essential items to children because of his power-hungry nature. Are not. Today, the lure of power has become bigger than education in the eyes of AAP leadership.

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At RGNUL, the National Conference NATCON Youth on Environmental Degradation, Social Change, and Youth Empowerment was inaugurated.

Patiala, April 25:
The Department of Sociology at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, in collaboration with the Punjab Pollution Control Board, organised a two-day National Conference on Environmental Degradation, Social Change, Development, and ‘The Youth’—NATCON YOUTH (April 25th–26th, 2024). Mr. Kamal Kishor Yadav, Administrative Secretary of Higher Education and Languages, Department of Higher Education, Punjab Government, Chandigarh, inaugurated the conference today. Distinguished sociologists, Professor (Dr.) Maitrayee Chaudhari, President of the Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi, and Professor (Dr.) Rajesh Gill, Advocate and Former Professor from Panjab University’s Department of Sociology, Chandigarh, graced the event as Keynote Speaker and Guest of Honour, respectively.
The keynote speakers emphasised the importance of empowering youth through academic and administrative efforts by academic institutions and governmental bodies. During the inauguration, Dr. Jasleen Kewlani, the Convenor and Organising Secretary of NATCON Youth 2024, edited the book “The Youth and Holistic Health: Assessing Risks and Designing Mechanisms,” marking a significant moment. Professor (Dr.) Jai Shankar Singh, the Vice-Chancellor of RGNUL, Punjab, and Professor (Dr.) Anand Pawar, the Registrar, both distinguished figures in legal education, facilitated the release.
Additionally, during the inaugural session, university students Deepali, Devshree, Jashandeep Kaur, and Manya submitted a policy paper to Mr. Kamal Kishor Yadav titled “Institutionalising ‘Online Freelancing’ in the State of Punjab, With a Focus on Reducing Youth Suicide Rates and Accelerating Economic Growth.”
The Academic Business Sessions, conducted in hybrid mode over the two-day event, engage approximately two hundred participants from across the country in presenting papers. Notable panellists attending include Pulmonologist Professor (Dr.) Vishal Chopra; Professor (Dr.) Sanjay Tewari, Honorary Professor at the Russian Academy of Social and Fundamental Sciences, Moscow; Convenor of Research Centre 25 ‘Sociology of Sports,’ Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi; and Advocate Dr. Kalpesh Kumar L. Gupta, Founder of ProBono India Legal Startups, New Delhi.
Through discussions between the guests during the inaugural sessions and with RGNUL, Punjab’s authorities have paved the way for collaborative initiatives between the state education department and the host institution, focusing on welfare and educational programmes for the youth and children of Punjab.

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The technical education department’s principal secretary visited the new grain market and reviewed the wheat procurement arrangements.

The technical education department’s principal secretary visited the new grain market and reviewed the wheat procurement arrangements.

It’s important to ensure prompt wheat purchase, payment, and timely lifting. Vivek Pratap Singh

According to him, there is no issue with allowing farmers to visit markets due to the lack of facilities.

Patiala, April 27:
Mr. Vivek Pratap Singh, in-charge secretary of Patiala district and principal secretary, technical education, visited the new grain market in Patiala today and took stock of the procurement arrangements for wheat. On this occasion, Deputy Commissioner Shaukat Ahmed Pare and officials of all departments related to the procurement process were present with him.
Prior to this, he held a meeting with the district officials at the district administrative complex to review the ongoing procurement of wheat in the district’s mandis. During the meeting, Mr. Vivek Pratap Singh instructed the procurement agencies not to let the farmers face any kind of difficulty in the markets. He instructed the procurement agencies to ensure the timely purchase, payment, and lifting of wheat.
He stated that the markets should prioritize the farmers and their crops. He said that the farmers who have brought crops to the market should not have to sit in the market but should make sure to buy as soon as they come.
Mr. Vivek Pratap Singh, Principal Secretary Technical Education and Patiala District In-Charge Secretary, also interacted with the farmers at Nawi Anaj Mandi of Patiala and obtained information from them regarding procurement arrangements. On this occasion, the farmers present also expressed their satisfaction with the simultaneous purchase and payment.
On this occasion, Deputy Commissioner Shaukat Ahmed Pare said that the concerned departments are working with full capacity to ensure proper procurement of wheat. He announced the arrival of 8 lakh 24 thousand 898 metric tonnes in the Patiala district markets yesterday, and the purchase of 8 lakh 9 thousand 97 metric tonnes. He announced that farmers have received payments totaling 1702 crore rupees, and a daily lifting capacity of 40 thousand metric tonnes is in operation. He said that 92 percent of wheat has arrived in the markets since last year.
On this occasion, SDM Patiala Arvind Kumar, SDM Samana Richa Goyal, SDM Dudhansadhan Manjeet Kaur, DFSc Ravinder Kaur, ACFA Rakesh Garg, and officials from various procurement agencies were also present.

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red check mark on box in close up view

‘Lok Sabha Elections 2024’ Election campaigning shall not be done without the written consent of the owner of the private property.

Additional district magistrates issued orders regarding advertising in Patiala, ‘Lok Sabha Elections 2024’ Election campaigning shall not be done without the written consent of the owner of the private property. Additional district magistrates issued orders regarding advertising in Patiala,

April 9: Additional Deputy Commissioner (J)-cum- Additional District Magistrate Madam Kanchan has issued guidelines for putting up paintings, posters, flexes, banners, etc. in the private property of the people during the election campaign in order to conduct the process of Lok Sabha elections peacefully in Patiala district. Orders have been issued. In exercise of powers vested under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (Act No. 2 of 1974), the ADC, Madam Kanchan, in these orders issued on March 5 and valid till June 4, said that any print or electronic advertisement by various political parties or candidates without the written consent of the owner of any building, structure, or electronic platform. You will not conduct your election campaign using artwork. The order also mentions that any public person, including the owner of a building, structure, or electronic platform, shall not be liable to the MCMC in the case of political advertisements. I will not campaign for any candidate or political party with advertisements, patches, etc. without the written consent of the candidate or political party along with the certificate.

Further, the candidates or political parties shall be bound to submit the owner’s consent to the Returning Officer-cum-District Election Officer of Lok Sabha Constituency Patiala-13 within three days of display, painting, or pasting. The order issued also directs that any general person, including the owner of the building, structure, or electronic platform, be deputed to implement the DEO/RO, or ideal electoral roll. A copy of the consent of the political party or candidate given by an officer to the MCMC. will be bound to submit a copy of the certificate as and when called for.

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Did you know Ahilyabai Holkar?

Introduction: In the Maratha Confederacy, Ahilyabai Holkar was the Raji of Indore, living from May 31, 1725, until August 13, 1795. She made Maheshwar, in Madhya Pradesh, the Holkar Dynasty’s capital.

Following the deaths of her spouse, Khande Rao Holkar, and her father-in-law, Malhar Rao Holkar, Ahilyabai took on the responsibility of managing the Holkar family’s affairs.

With Tukoji Rao Holkar as her military commander, she personally led forces into combat and defended the Malwa state against invaders. She also received credit for constructing several Dharmashalas and Hindu temples in the Indian Subcontinent. She was also well-known for defying Indian customs surrounding gender roles in the eighteenth century.

Ayyok Devi Ahiyabai Holkar’s 300th birth anniversary

The 300th birth anniversary of Goddess Ahiyabai Holkar starts on May 31, 2024. His life is Indian.
A different take on history. A girl from an ordinary family with a rural background becomes an extraordinary
Even today, her life as a ruler is a great source of inspiration. Dedication, simplicity, and devotion to religion.
She was an outstanding example of administrative efficiency, wisdom, and noble conduct.

The term ‘Shri Shankar Aadvan’ refers to the praises bestowed upon him. Her rule is always based on this principle.
She continued to serve as Lord Shankar’s representative. Her public welfare rule, helps landless farmers.
There was ideal governance to protect the welfare of tribal groups like Bhils and widows. social reformer.
Along with being dedicated to agricultural reform, water management, environmental protection, public welfare, and education, her governance

Not only in our own state but also in the entire country, the rituals and financial management of the temples.
But she also paid special attention. Aamanakaraya from Bachinath to Ramevaram and from Baraka to Pari.
She got the damaged temple rebuilt. It has continued since ancient times and was interrupted in the modern era.
Her work brought new awareness among the pilgrims. Due to these extensive works, he got the title of ‘Puyok’.
The development of these holy places spread all over India is actually a reflection of their national identity.

We are paying our heartfelt tribute to Goddess Ahilyabai Holkar on the auspicious occasion of her 300th birth anniversary. All the volunteers and community leaders should participate enthusiastically in the program organised at this festival. The fact that she had the opportunity to follow the path of simplicity, virtue, righteousness, and national pride shown by her.

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Monica Sharma intimated the corporation against the fisherman.

Monica Sharma said that Fishermen did not follow the rules of food safety protocols. She said that when local residents complained, the fisherman was not properly following the rules, and it was very difficult due to the bad smell and health hazards. The main reason was that he was standing near the temple of Shiva. And it was considered disrespectful to be selling fish in that location.

She also complained that she peacefully told him to move his stand, but he did not take it seriously and continued to operate in the same location, disregarding the concerns of the community. Monica emphasised the importance of respecting cultural and religious sensitivities while conducting business in the area. This led to informing the corporation about the issue, as it was affecting the overall harmony of the community. Monica suggested finding a more suitable location for the fish vendor to operate his business to avoid further conflicts.

So the corporation took the action of relocating the fish vendor to a different area that was more appropriate for his business, ensuring that cultural and religious sensitivities were respected and community harmony was maintained. She also said that at 24 No. Phatak, the community doesn’t have any problem with vegetables and other non-meat products being sold. Monica Sharma is the Halka coordinator of the Mahila Wing Patiala of the Aam Admi Party. At this press conference, there were many volunteers and supporters present.

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Patiala Locomotive Works hosts the 41st Electric Locomotive Maintenance Study Group (MSG) Meeting.

Patiala Locomotive Works, a proud unit of the Indian Railways, hosted the 41st Electric Locomotive Maintenance Study Group (MSG) Meeting on March 21st and 22nd, 2024, as per the directives of the Railway Board. Esteemed senior officers from various railways, alongside the Railway Board, including Shri Vijay Pratap Singh, Additional Member (Traction) Railway Board, graced the occasion, enriching the discussions with their invaluable insights.

The meeting centred on deliberating the challenges and opportunities in electric locomotive maintenance, with a keen focus on ensuring the seamless operation of the railway network. Recognising the indispensable role of locomotives in the railway ecosystem, officers engaged in productive discussions, sharing expertise and experiences to enhance maintenance practices and address operational hurdles.

Shri Pramod Kumar, Principal Chief Administrative Officer (PCAO), extended a warm welcome to the chief guest and participants, fostering an environment conducive to fruitful exchange of ideas. Shri Vijay Pratap Singh, additional member (Traction) of the of the Railway Board, emphasised the significance of collaborative efforts in overcoming challenges faced by the railway in maintaining electric locomotives.

Expressing gratitude, PCAO Shri Pramod Kumar thanked the chief guest and all officers for their valuable contributions, underscoring the importance of collective efforts in ensuring the continued efficiency and reliability of the railway network.

The following day witnessed the exciting Loco cab competition at the PLW Workshop, where 13 3-phase electric locomotives from different railways were received. In the inspection conducted by Shri Vijay Partap Singh, Additional Member (Traction), Railway Board, and Shri Pramod Kumar, PCAO, Patiala, alongside Railway Board officers, six outstanding locos stood out among 13 locos. Trophies were awarded accordingly, with the top honours going to the Lalagoda Loco from South Central Railways and the Vatva Loco from Western Railway, recognised for their excellence in design and performance. The first runner-up positions were secured by the Ajni Loco from Central Railway and the Kanpur Loco from North Central Railway, while the second runner-up position was won by the Krishnaralpuram Loco from South Western Railway and the Arrakonam Loco from Southern Railway, as per remarkable innovation and efficiency. 

The 41st Electric Locomotive Maintenance Study Group Meeting concluded with a sense of optimism as participants reaffirmed their commitment to advancing maintenance practices and upholding the highest standards of operational excellence.

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Punjab and Haryana officials promise to conduct the Lok Sabha elections in a fair, transparent, and peaceful manner.

Chandigarh, March 27 (WISHAVWARTA): Officials of Punjab and Haryana pledge to conduct Lok Sabha elections in a fair, transparent, and peaceful manner. During the meeting, it was discussed to set up inter-state checkpoints to prevent the smuggling of illicit liquor, drugs, and cash during the elections.

On the instructions of the Election Commission of India, Divisional Commissioners Patiala DS Mangat, Ambala, and Karnal Renu Phulia, Divisional Commissioner Hisar Geeta Bharti, Deputy Commissioner Ambala Dr. Shaleen, and Deputy Commissioner Kurukshetra Shantanu Sharma, Deputy Commissioner Jind Mohammad Imran Raza, Deputy Commissioner Kaithal Prashant Panwar, Deputy Commissioner Patiala Showkat Ahmad Parray, Deputy Commissioner Sangrur Jatinder Jorwal, and Additional Deputy Commissioner Fatehabad Rahul Modi, DIG Patiala Range Harcharan Singh Bhullar, DIG Patiala Range Varun Sharma, Deputy Commissioner Sangrur Sartaj Chahal, SSP Barnala Sandeep Malik, and other officers were also present.

During the meeting, while discussing the joint nakas in both the states and flying squads and patrolling parties to patrol their respective areas, the list of wanted fugitive criminals, bail jumpers, and parole jumpers wanted in different cases by both the states to ensure peaceful conduct of elections was also shared so that concrete action could be taken against them.

In addition, due to the auction of liquor vends in the state of Punjab on March 31, 2024, it was discussed to keep vigil in the border area in view of the possibility of smugglers storing liquor for smuggling in a warehouse, etc. DIG Patiala Harcharan Singh Bhullar urged the officers of the state of Punjab and Haryana to prepare a list of sensitive polling stations and booths and share it among themselves. Apart from the main roads between the two states, patrolling should also be ensured on link roads, or kutcha pahans. Mr. Varun Sharma of Patiala stressed the importance of conducting joint search operations by forming teams of the states of Punjab and Haryana and said that if any recovery is made on a large scale, then its information should be shared among themselves, and all the next and previous links should be traced in this regard. Sartaj Singh Chahal of Sangrur suggested that a meeting be held with big transporters to instruct them not to supply any chemicals, etc., on a large scale to anyone unofficially. Officials of the Excise and Taxation Department informed us that, in view of the elections, the employees of the Excise Department have also imposed a blockade.

On the occasion, Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC general) Anita Darshi, ADC Development Rajinder Batra, Assistant Commissioner General Lal Vishwas Bains, Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Moga Gurwinder Singh Johal, District Welfare Officer Bikramjit Singh Purewal, and District Education Officer (Secondary) Pardeep Sharma were present. Photo Caption: Officials of the civil administration and police departments of neighbouring districts of Punjab and Haryana discussed ways to ensure fair, transparent, and peaceful conduct of the Lok Sabha elections.

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Kultar Singh Sandhwan-Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker expressed sympathy for the injured farmers.

Patiala, February 15: Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker Kultar Singh Sandhawan has termed the inhumane torture of farmers protesting for their democratic demands and oppression against food donors a crime against the country. Speaker Sandhavan had arrived today to check the mood of the farmers admitted for treatment at the Government Rajindra Hospital; before that, he also inquired about the condition of the farmers at the Civil Hospital Rajpura. He also got feedback about the treatment of farmers in government hospitals, on which he expressed satisfaction. MLA Neena Mittal, Gurlal Ghanour, Kulwant Singh Pandori, and Deputy Commissioner Shaukat Ahmed Pari were also present with him on this occasion.

Speaking informally with the media on this occasion, Speaker Sandhawan said that during this peaceful protest, the injured farmers, including journalists and other persons, were being treated free of charge on the instructions of Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann. He said that the Chief Minister has also made it clear that the demands of the farmers are absolutely reasonable, and the centre should listen to them with a clear heart and resolve them immediately. The central and Haryana governments should also immediately stop the oppression of the farmers in Punjab. Speaker Kultar Singh Sandhwan said that blocking roads does not come under any law, and while nails and sharp arrows are not even on the borders of the country, oppression of farmers and food donors is a crime against the country because the country means farmers.

Speaker Sandhavan said that the farmer made a valuable contribution in the struggle for the freedom of the country, and his children are guarding the country’s borders and the farmer is filling the country’s food reserves. He said that bullets and shells are fired on enemies, but by doing this on the farmers, the BJP-led Central and Haryana governments are inhumanely torturing the farmers. Kultar Singh Sandhwan, referring to the words of the late Ram Manohar Lohia, ‘If the roads are calm, then the parliament will be uncontrollable’, said that the BJP government is protecting those people, whose narcotics were found in tonnes from the port.

Taking the Haryana government by the hand, he said that democracy is being killed by oppressing the farmers who are going to Delhi in a peaceful manner, for which the BJP will have to bear the consequences, and the people will surely give their answer in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He said that the farmers’ fight is the country’s fight, and Punjabis have even climbed the gallows for the country. The speaker said that by ignoring the 65 percent of farmers in the country’s agriculture sector, which provides the highest employment, the central government, acting on the cues of a few corporate houses, is refusing to accept the earlier demands. He said that the culprits of the Lakhimpur Khiri incident should be given severe punishment, and ointment should be applied to the wounds of the farmers.

Meanwhile, SDM of Rajpura. Jasleen Kaur Bhullar, Director, Principal, Dr. Medical College. Dr. Rajan Singla, Medical Superintendent. Harnam Singh Rekhi, Dr. Vinod Dangwal, Dr. Deepali, Harshpal Rahul, Honey Luthra, and other dignitaries were also present.*Photo Caption: Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker Kultar Singh Sandhwan knows the condition of farmers at Rajindra Hospital. MLA Gurlal Ghanour and Kulwant Singh Pandori are also seen with them.

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“Architect Rajinder Singh Sandhu Receives Prestigious Recognition at NATCON 2024”

Ar. Rajinder Singh Sandhu facilitated the Presidential Special Recognition Award at NATCON, the national convention of the Indian Institute of Architects in Lucknow.

The Indian Institute of Architects, the national body of architects in India, organised its annual event, NATCON, which is the biggest event in architecture in India.

There were some wonderful presentations by stalwarts of architecture, including Ar. Ashish Sompura, the architect of the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. And many more

There was a facilitation ceremony to recognise and honour the architects from all over India for their work in the recent past.

Ar. Rajinder Singh Sandhu, from Fountainhead Architects Patiala, was bestowed with the Presidential Special Recognition Award.

Other architects of the region who were awarded there were Ar. Pritpal Singh Ahluwalia for organising the national event at Amritsar; Ar. Indu Arora was awarded a certificate of merit; and Ar. Sanjay Sharma was also awarded a certificate of merit.

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Launch of the ‘Coffee with Officer’ program

ADC Harjinder Singh Bedi’s guidance to the youth in choosing employment
emphasis on setting goals and working hard
Patiala, February 16:
Under the exclusive initiative of District Administration Patiala, the District Employment and Business Bureau Patiala has started ‘Coffee with Officer’. Under this, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Rural Development) Dr. Harjinder Singh Bedi met the enthusiastic youth of Patiala district and guided them to choose employment.

Dr. Harjinder Singh Bedi did his medical studies at IAS. Sharing his journey of becoming and his personal experience, he emphasised to the youth to set goals and work hard. He shared tips on career counselling, guidance, developing career goals, identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, sharing knowledge about career and job opportunities in the private and government sectors, and building confidence for self-employment.
ADC Dr. Bedi said that under the guidelines of Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Maan, to guide the youth, under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Shaukat Ahmed Pari, the district employment and business bureau will give an opportunity to meet the youth with the officers of the district administration in Patiala every month. He said that aspirants can register at the link https://forms.gle/-kF2swdxe8HUy3mtM6. or visit the office of the District Employment and Business Bureau, Patiala Block-D Mini Secretariat.
Meanwhile, the young boys and girls who arrived felt very excited about participating in this programme and answered questions to clear their doubts regarding career and employment opportunities. On the occasion of the programme, Employment Officers Kanwal Puneet Kaur and Tejwinder Singh, Deputy CEO Satinder Singh, and Career Counsellor Rupsi Pahuja were also present.
Photo Caption: ADC Dr. Rural Development Harjinder Singh Bedi is guiding the candidates on the occasion of the Coffee with Officer programme.

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A warm welcome to new state president Preeti Malhotra and other team members

On February 7, the Residence of Ward 60 congrulated the new team member of the Aam Aadmi Party. The residents of Ward 60 gave a warm welcome to Preeti Malhotra, the state president of women; Surjan Singh Subedar, the state joint secretary of the ex-serviceman wing; and Nirmal Singh Jhaneri, the ex-serviceman wing’s district secretary. There were cake-cutting ceremonies and speeches to mark the occasion. The residents expressed their excitement and support for the new team members, hoping that their presence would bring positive changes and development to Ward 60. They emphasised the importance of women’s representation in politics and expressed confidence in Preeti Malhotra’s ability to advocate for their needs. The ex-servicemen also received applause for their dedication to serving the nation and were encouraged to use their experience to address issues faced by veterans in the ward.

In this programme, residents of Ward No. 60 raised their voices about their problems and concerns, ranging from inadequate infrastructure to a lack of access to basic amenities. They urged the new team members to prioritise these issues and work towards finding sustainable solutions. Additionally, they emphasised the need for regular communication and engagement between the residents and the elected representatives to ensure transparency and accountability in governance.

On this occasion, Mukhtiar Singh Gill, block president and cashier, highlighted the importance of community involvement in decision-making processes. He stressed that the residents should actively participate in local meetings and contribute their ideas and suggestions to shape the future of their community. Gill also mentioned the significance of building strong partnerships with local organisations and government agencies to leverage resources and address pressing issues effectively.

Monica Sharma is a committee member and member of the women’s group. She also plays an important role in advocating for women’s rights and finding sustainable solutions by raising their voice in front of senior leaders, ultimately contributing to the empowerment and equality of women in the community.

On this occasion, other prominent members like Yasmen ward secretary, Dharam Singh JE, Kamaljit Singh Walia, Sukhjeet Singh, Gurneek Singh, Harjit Singh, Darshan Singh, Bholla Singh Sarpanch, Munish, and Kuldeep Singh Subedar were present.

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IAS Officer, Dr. Harjinder Singh Bedi, ADC Took charge of rural development

Patiala, February 5:
The 2020 batch of IAS Officers, Dr. Harjinder Singh Bedi, has taken over as Additional Deputy Commissioner (Rural Development) of Patiala. After that, he met Deputy Commissioner Shaukat Ahmed Pari. On this occasion, his daughter-in-law, Taranjit Kaur Bedi, was also with him.
Dr. Harjinder Singh Bedi said that according to the instructions of Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Maan, under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Shaukat Ahmed Pari, he will ensure four-way development of the villages of the district as per the policies of the Punjab government.

ADC Bedi further said that the ongoing development works in the villages of Patiala district should be accelerated and completed on time, and new projects drawn up by the Punjab government, such as rural libraries and renovation of playgrounds and ponds, should be implemented. They will have priority.
In a meeting with the staff of his office, ADC (RD) instructed that the work should be done in a timely manner, the people coming to the government offices should not be inconvenienced, and the government duties should be performed in an honest and transparent manner. He also reviewed the special camps to be held in the villages regarding ‘Aap Di Sarkar Aap De Dwar’ from February 6.

MBBS The educational qualifications of Dr. Harjinder Singh Bedi were previously SDM. He was serving as Ludhiana West, while he was also serving as SDM at Pathankot and Dera Baba Nanak. Have served

Photo Caption: Additional Deputy Commissioner Rural Development of Patiala, Dr. Harjinder Singh Bedi

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593 beneficiaries of Patiala district have been released an amount of Rs. 3 crore under the Ashirwad scheme. Deputy Commissioner Patiala

February 7: Under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann, the Punjab government released an amount of Rs. 5,000 to the Minister of Social Justice, Empowerment, and Minority Affairs, According to the guidelines of Baljit Kaur, 1 crore 46 lakh 37 thousand rupees have been released for the Scheduled Castes and 1 crore 56 lakh 06 thousand rupees for the backward classes and economically weaker sections in the amount released for district Patiala.

Giving information in this regard, Deputy Commissioner Shaukat Ahmed Pari said that 3 crore, 02 lakh, and 43 thousand rupees were released in Patiala district under the Ashirwad scheme. 1 crore, 46 lakh, and 37 thousand rupees were released for the beneficiaries of scheduled castes. The benefit of this will be given to 287 scheduled caste beneficiaries in the district. Similarly, 1 crore, 56 lakh, and 06 thousand rupees have been released for the beneficiaries of backward classes and economically weaker sections, of which 306 backward classes and economically weaker sections of the district will be covered. He said that under the Ashirwad scheme, girls from the Christian community, widowed girls of any caste, girls from backward classes, and economically backward families will be given financial assistance of 51 thousand rupees at the time of marriage and scheduled caste widows or divorced women at the time of their remarriage. Aid is given as an omen. District Social Justice and Empowerment Officer Mukul Bawa said that the amount received is being sent to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries through DBT mode, and the government is also releasing the amount to the remaining beneficiaries soon.

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Prohibition on gathering of 5 or more persons, holding meetings, raising slogans, and demonstrating in the district Patiala

February 7:The Additional District Magistrate, in exercise of the powers vested under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (Act No. 2 of 1974), may prohibit any kind of demonstration or protest sit-in, rallies, meetings, raising slogans, five or prohibitory orders have been issued on the gathering of more than five persons. In the issued order, it has been said that gathering of five or more persons, holding meetings, raising slogans, demonstrating, etc. is likely to disturb public peace and cause damage to government and non-government properties.

In such a situation, it is necessary to take appropriate steps to maintain the law and order situation in the state and to maintain public peace. The order, enforced by the Additional District Magistrate until April 5, 2024, will not apply to gatherings of security personnel, police personnel on duty, and children for government programmes, weddings, funeral functions, or studies in schools or colleges.

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On the second day, 24 special camps were held in the district under ‘Aap di Sarkar Aap de Duar’

On the second day, 24 special camps were held in the district under ‘Aap di Sarkar Aap de Duar’. ADC (Rural Development) Dr. Bedi inspected the special camp at Nalas. Promotional vans sent by the Punjab government were the centre of attention. People described the camps as an important initiative of the Punjab government. Patiala,

February 7: Under the exclusive initiative ‘Aap Di Sarkar Aap De Duar’ launched by the Punjab Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann, 24 special camps were organised in the district on the second day today. Meanwhile, various departments provided related services to the people and also resolved the problems of the people. According to Deputy Commissioner Shaukat Ahmed Pari, the Punjab government under Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann has launched an exclusive initiative to offer administrative services close to people’s homes, and people should definitely take advantage of it.

He said that during these camps, people were also made aware of the public welfare schemes of the government through the campaign vans sent by the Punjab government. These vans reached the camps set up in the villages of all sub-divisions today, where they remained the center of attraction. Meanwhile, Additional Deputy Commissioner Rural Development, Dr. Harjinder Singh Bedi, inspected the camp set up at village Nalas Kalan in Rajpura. ADC Dr. Bedi interacted with the people, made them aware of the welfare schemes and programs of the Punjab government, and also got their feedback. Dr. Bedi appealed to the people to attend these camps to take advantage of the government’s programs and welfare schemes.

In addition to the 45 services offered during the camp, he claimed that the people would also have access to services from the Sanjh Center and various departments under one roof. On this occasion, SDM. Jasleen Kaur Bhullar reviewed the campaign vans of the Punjab government and expressed her satisfaction that people were being made aware of them.

***Photo Caption: Dr. Harjinder Singh Bedi, additional deputy commissioner of rural development, examines the camp that the AAP government has established at village Nalas.

Photo Caption: SDM of Rajpura Jasleen Kaur Bhullar inspecting the campaign vans of the Punjab government.

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