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Monica Sharma intimated the corporation against the fisherman.

Monica Sharma said that Fishermen did not follow the rules of food safety protocols. She said that when local residents complained, the fisherman was not properly following the rules, and it was very difficult due to the bad smell and health hazards. The main reason was that he was standing near the temple of Shiva. And it was considered disrespectful to be selling fish in that location.

She also complained that she peacefully told him to move his stand, but he did not take it seriously and continued to operate in the same location, disregarding the concerns of the community. Monica emphasised the importance of respecting cultural and religious sensitivities while conducting business in the area. This led to informing the corporation about the issue, as it was affecting the overall harmony of the community. Monica suggested finding a more suitable location for the fish vendor to operate his business to avoid further conflicts.

So the corporation took the action of relocating the fish vendor to a different area that was more appropriate for his business, ensuring that cultural and religious sensitivities were respected and community harmony was maintained. She also said that at 24 No. Phatak, the community doesn’t have any problem with vegetables and other non-meat products being sold. Monica Sharma is the Halka coordinator of the Mahila Wing Patiala of the Aam Admi Party. At this press conference, there were many volunteers and supporters present.

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