PM Modi and the priests conducted the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ritual at the Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya, unveiling the Ram Lalla.

The ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremonies started at 12.20 pm and ended at 1 pm, with an 84-second ‘Abhijit muhurta’, or auspicious hour, in which PM Modi took part. While Ayodhya is on high alert with unprecedented security and painted in saffron colours, the whole nation is decked in ‘Jai Shri Ram’ flags to commemorate the major event.

A total of 8,000 invitations were extended to prominent figures in politics, film, sports, and other industries for the Ram Mandir opening. Top actors Amitabh Bachchan, Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Ram Charan, singers Sonu Nigam and Shankar Mahadevan, cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble, among others, attended the consecration event.

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Concept of emotional intelligence

Over the last decade, the concept of emotional intelligence, or EQ, has grown in popularity around the world. Unfortunately, few people grasp what the term EQ actually means or why it has grown so popular in recent years. The ability to identify, analyze, and control our own emotions as well as those of others is referred to as emotional intelligence. It includes abilities like empathy, self-awareness, and successful communication. The demand for people with strong emotional intelligence has expanded tremendously as society has become more interconnected and diverse. This is because EQ allows people to connect with others on a deeper level, calmly resolve issues, and build a healthy work or personal environment.

Numerous scientific investigations have indicated that emotional intelligence is more important in life than general intelligence, as measured by the IQ scale. Positive outcomes associated with emotional intelligence include improved mental health, greater relationships, and increased job performance. Furthermore, those with high emotional intelligence are generally perceived as natural leaders and are more likely to succeed in their employment. These findings emphasize the need to cultivate emotional intelligence abilities in both personal and professional situations. According to these studies, conducted by both American and European colleges, only 20% of our triumphs and successes in life are attributable to common intelligence responses, while the remaining 80% are fully based on emotional intelligence. The remaining 80% rely exclusively on emotional intelligence, which encompasses abilities such as self-awareness, empathy, and relationship management.

Everyone, from preschoolers to CEOs, must deal with their own emotions as well as the emotions of those around them. How you handle these emotions has a big impact on how other people see you and how effective you are at getting things done. When you improve your emotional intelligence, you will be better able to respond to stressful situations in your environment with maturity. Famous researchers John Mayer, Peter Salovey, and Konstantin Vasily Peterides discovered that people with strong emotional intelligence tend to become better leaders and thrive at everything they set out to do. Wayne Payne coined the phrase “emotional intelligence” in his doctoral thesis, A Study of Emotion: Developing Emotional Intelligence. He compared IQ with emotional intelligence in his thesis and concluded that EQ was superior since it encompassed a broader range of faculties and features of a person’s conduct. Emotional intelligence research will help you better comprehend the cause and influence of your emotions. This is significant because it contributes to increased self-awareness.

Studying your EQ will also allow you to gain a better understanding of other people’s conduct and the underlying causes of their actions. People who are emotionally intelligent can reconcile what their mind and reason tell them with the voice of their thoughts and emotions. Emotionally intelligent people are self-aware, creative, and energetic as a result of this skill. They are also a lot better at dealing with stress and getting along with people. They are more upbeat about their lives and do not fear change. They are successful people.

This book is popular because it provides readers with practical tactics and procedures for increasing emotional intelligence, which allows them to improve their personal and professional relationships. It provides individuals with the abilities needed to negotiate difficult circumstances with empathy and understanding by diving into the nuances of human behavior. Finally, this book equips readers to develop emotional intelligence as a lifelong ability, leading to greater fulfillment and achievement in all aspects of life.

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Confront every obstacle

Not everyone has the fortitude to confront every obstacle that arises in life. Fortunate are those who overcome all hurdles by courageously taking risks. As previously mentioned, courage is not inherent. However, every individual possesses a certain level of resilience, enabling them to confront their concerns, take calculated risks while maintaining their beliefs, and persevere through challenging circumstances.

Everyone desires courage. Good character is an inherent quality that bestows upon individuals the deserving of respect. This book comprehensively explores the concept of bravery and provides valuable insights on how to effectively utilize it to overcome life’s obstacles. Seize this opportunity to gain further knowledge on courage and explore the advantages of cultivating sufficient courage to triumph over any challenge that arises. By comprehending the fundamental ideas and strategic approaches to fostering courage, you will acquire the necessary resources to handle challenging circumstances with elegance and resolve.

This book will inspire you to confront personal challenges and address broader societal problems, empowering you to adopt courage as a motivating factor in your life and propelling you towards achievement and contentment. Seize the chance to unleash your complete capabilities and lead a life abundant in courage and perseverance. This book provides guidance on surmounting difficulties and confronting challenges directly, ultimately resulting in personal development and a heightened sense of purpose. Through the exploration of vulnerability and the acceptance of discomfort, one can cultivate resilience, enabling them to flourish in challenging circumstances.

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Moreover, this book offers pragmatic approaches for fostering bravery in day-to-day existence, enabling you to engage in audacious endeavors and effect substantial transformations. By reading its motivating narratives and profound advice, you will come to realize that courage is not the lack of fear but rather the readiness to take action in spite of it. Rather than purchasing chocolate, I recommend investing in this book, which will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. When experiencing fear or uncertainty, this book will work as a prompt to initiate action and generate constructive transformation.

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Building confidence

Have you been considering ways to boost your self-esteem? Building confidence may be a life-changing process that necessitates introspection and persistent effort. It’s critical to identify areas in which you lack confidence and actively work on improving them through practice, obtaining feedback from others, and enjoying minor victories along the way.

Do you believe that fear has taken over a significant portion of your life and is preventing you from living your real purpose? Do you want to overcome your fear and exude irresistible confidence, leaving others in awe of you?

This book was written specifically for you! This book provides practical ideas and activities to assist you in overcoming fear and developing steadfast confidence. Understanding the underlying reasons for your worries and addressing negative ideas might help you break free from their grip and reach your full potential. You can start on a path of self-discovery and empowerment with the counsel provided in this book and ultimately change your life for the better.

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Today, many of us are not living up to our full potential because we are afraid of failing or what others will think of us. In fact, this is one of the most prevalent regrets most individuals have as they approach mortality. One thing you must understand is that fear will rob you of the brightness in your life, leaving you with nothing but darkness and unhappiness within.

The good news is that you can overcome your fear and self-judgment and take control of your life, leading a purposeful and happy existence. Mastering the art of confidence is one way to do this. Authentic confidence is the foundation for making better decisions, developing long-term relationships, and positioning ourselves for success.

When you think about confidence, what comes to mind? “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Gandhi, Mahatma

This is exactly what I believe is a recipe for self-assurance. If you want to live a fulfilled life, you must have the courage to pursue the things that make you happy. In other words, you must have faith in your abilities, personality, and intellect.

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So, this book will teach you the definition of confidence. It says that confidence is about harmonizing your ideas, words, and actions to generate a sense of harmony and authenticity, not merely being self-assured or having a strong belief in oneself. Understanding and embracing this principle can help you develop the confidence you need to pursue your goals, form meaningful connections, and eventually achieve success in various parts of life. The reality of unshakeable confidence is that you must be honest with yourself. It all comes down to accepting your genuine self. To do so, you must think that you have complete control over your life and refuse to allow events to interfere with your life’s mission. You must decide the worth of yourself and never allow yourself to be defined by the opinions of others. The more you do it, the easier it will be to convey confidence.

When you learn the discipline of embracing your actual self, you’ll see that opportunities are all around you. You will be overwhelmed with options. When boundless opportunities present themselves, there is no room for dread of scarcity. You’ll soon understand that you can live an abundant life. This is precisely what I perceive to be an effective road to unwavering confidence and a contented existence.

Buy this book to enhance your confidence and realize your full potential. You will acquire vital insights and practical advice on how to overcome self-doubt and embrace your genuine self by reading this book. It will give you the tools you need to face life’s obstacles with confidence and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t pass up the opportunity to improve your life and live it to the fullest.

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Effective Communication

Effective communication is important because of its capacity to facilitate understanding and deliver information accurately and efficiently. Effective communication is critical because it allows for the formation of strong bonds and fosters understanding among individuals. It allows for the effective expression of thoughts and ideas, ensuring clear communication and reducing misunderstandings. Furthermore, excellent communication promotes collaboration and teamwork, allowing for more efficient problem-solving and decision-making.

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Furthermore, efficient communication is critical in the professional environment because it increases efficiency and reduces disagreements. It encourages free communication and feedback among employees, resulting in a more unified and effective workplace.

Furthermore, corporations place a great value on strong communication skills because they are required for effective leadership and the ability to positively impact others. Effective communication is essential for personal and professional success. By making people feel heard and valued, clear and effective communication develops trust and credibility.

Furthermore, effective communication skills are essential for effective leadership because they enable leaders to inspire and motivate their team members toward a common goal. The book delves into the understanding of self-emotion-evoking terminology, nonverbal communication, attracting attention, and delivering a short message in 60 seconds or less, concluding in a final summary.

Individuals can improve their ability to make meaningful connections with people and effectively influence others through communication by understanding self-emotion-invoking terms. Furthermore, developing competence in nonverbal communication and the ability to arouse curiosity in others can considerably improve an individual’s ability to effectively deliver their message.

The book’s emphasis on delivering a message in under a minute emphasizes the need for concise and persuasive communication, while the conclusion provides a useful strategy for summarizing key issues and leaving a lasting impression.

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Change Mastery

This book will take you through the main five C’s of change. As you learn about the elements of change, you will gain confidence in your ability and capability to change. You will recognize that communication and cooperation make a significant contribution to the element of change. By making moves, you will obtain the ability to take action. You are currently standing at the base of a life-changing mountain. Please take a step ahead and climb the ladder. Your life-changing event is waiting for you.

If we examine the history of the world over the previous several centuries, we will notice tremendous and rapid developments in human understanding and technology. A century ago, the Wright brothers were attempting to create a scale model of their first airplane; yet, a century later, men have been able to launch spacecraft to the furthest reaches of the solar system. These extreme shifts are unprecedented in human and global history, and we are always amazed at where these changes can take us. There is a sense that “nothing on earth is impervious to these radical changes.”

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Many wise individuals in ancient times noticed the impermanence of everything and concluded that the only phenomenon that is permanent is change. This is undoubtedly true; it is also evident in the very nature of our existence. Each of us must accept that change is the only constant in this world, and hence each of us must be prepared for change. It is therefore prudent to believe that change is unavoidable and that each of us will experience some type of change sooner or later. We can never avoid change; it will come to us sooner or later, but we can postpone it. We had no option but to face the challenge of change when faced with the prospect of its inevitability.

This book elaborates on the concept of change and provides advice for preparing for the onset of change. 6 You’ve probably heard how individuals are resistant to change and fixated on their old routines and conventions. This is a natural reaction, given the rule of inertia, which states that “everything tends to remain at rest or in continuous motion unless acted upon by an outside force.” However, in order to achieve something meaningful in life, this resistance to change must be overcome, because the only way to develop is through change. There are methods for lessening resistance to change, and one method is to prepare the inner self for change. When the internal barrier to change is eliminated, the exterior shift becomes possible and simple. Internal change, such as a paradigm shift, is required for exterior change since true change always originates from inside.

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Boosting productivity

Reading a book on increasing productivity can bring useful insights and practices for better time management. It can also provide practical solutions for goal formulation, task prioritization, and distraction reduction. Furthermore, the book may provide useful advice for improving focus and concentration, as well as ways for increasing efficiency and effectiveness in numerous parts of life. The book could address subjects like effectiveness versus efficiency, accelerating success, developing a success action plan, supercharging productivity, the value of energy, and productivity hacks. It could also talk about being a one-man army and the need for concentration.

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Overall, reading this book can help people improve their time management abilities and, as a result, increase their productivity. Additionally, the book may dig into tactics for task prioritization, goal planning, and distraction elimination. It may also offer advice on how to stay motivated and fight procrastination. Readers may increase their productivity and attain their goals more efficiently by implementing these tactics into their everyday routines. Individuals can learn how to prioritize work, minimize distractions, and make the most of their available time by grasping the principles and tactics provided in the book. In addition, the book may provide insights into successful time management practices such as setting timetables and utilizing productivity tools.

It may also offer practical guidance on how to allocate duties and collaborate successfully with others in order to maximize overall productivity. With a thorough understanding of these ideas and tactics, readers can not only increase their personal productivity but also improve their ability to work effectively in groups. Furthermore, the book may include real-life examples and case studies that demonstrate how successful people have used these approaches to attain their goals.

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Do you know where the world’s second-largest temple is located?

You might think it is located in India, a country with a Hindu population. But it is not located in India.

The second-largest Hindu temple in the world was just dedicated in New Jersey, USA. The name of this temple is Swami Narayan Akshardham. The temple was inaugurated on October 8, 2023. The temple is built on 185 acres of colorful Green City, New Jersey. This temple is 191 feet high. This temple is not just a place of worship. one of the milestones of Hindu art, architecture, and culture. Over a period of twelve years, thousands of artisans and some 12,500 volunteers worked to build this temple. The construction of this temple started in 2001. It is the third Akshar Dham temple in the world, after Gandhinagar and New Delhi. This temple has a total of 13 shrines of Lord Swami Narayan and other Hindu deities. Its architecture and craftsmanship reflect ancient Indian culture. There are 10,000 idols of gods and goddesses here. There are also several ancient Indian musical instruments. Besides this, a dancing Yakshi statue is placed here. Apart from being a place of worship, this temple has been developed as a center of culture, education, and art.

Apart from Hindu scriptures, the message of Abraham Lincoln, Confucius, Lord Buddha, Mirabai, Martin Luther King, etc. are written in this temple.

While the Swaminarayan Akshardham temple serves as a reminder to the American Hindu community of their religious sentiments, the temple is also a center of knowledge and learning for architecture and culture enthusiasts.

In the coming days, a museum of the history and universal values ​​of Hinduism will be built in this temple. There are very few such Hindu establishments in America. The enthusiasm of people of all religions around the temple is visible.

Apart from the Indian subcontinent, there are people of Hindu religion in different parts of the world. More than 90% of the world’s Hindus live in India. But the remaining 10 percent is not less in number. So there are many small and big Hindu temples elsewhere in Europe. So many beautiful Hindu temples are being built in Europe and America

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Philosophy of Yoga

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna teaches about the philosophy of Yoga. Yoga is the path of self-realization and the realization of the Supreme Being. Lord Krishna teaches that the path of Yoga is not easy, but it is the most direct path to liberation. Yoga is a process of self-transformation.

In order to achieve self-transformation, one must first purify the mind and body. This is done through the practice of Yoga Nidra, or deep relaxation. Once the mind and body are purified, the practitioner can begin to work on the spiritual aspect of Yoga. The goal of Yoga is to achieve unity with the Supreme Being. This is done through the practice of meditation and contemplation.

In order to meditate on the Supreme Being, one must first know who the Supreme Being is. The Supreme Being is the source of all knowledge and all existence. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna describes the nature of the Supreme Being in great detail. He explains that the Supreme Being is the creator of the universe and that He is the source of all happiness. He also explains that the Supreme Being is free from all material desires and that He is the perfect embodiment of eternal bliss. The Supreme Being is the perfect object of meditation. By meditating on the Supreme Being, one can achieve eternal peace and happiness. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, “The man who finds his happiness within, in the Self, is the happiest of all. He is free from all pains and all fears.”

Greater understanding of oneself

active children doing balancing exercises

Philosophy of Yoga: The philosophy of yoga is one that is centered around the practice of yoga. This philosophy believes that through the practice of yoga, one can come to a greater understanding of oneself and the world around them. Additionally, the philosophy of yoga believes that through the practice of yoga, one can come to a greater sense of peace and happiness. The philosophy of yoga has its roots in ancient India. It is thought to have originated sometime around the 6th century BCE. The philosophy of yoga is based on the teachings of the Yoga Sutras, which are a series of scriptures that contain the teachings of the first yoga teacher, Patanjali.

The philosophy of yoga is a comprehensive system that covers all aspects of life. It is not just a physical practice, but also a mental and spiritual practice. The goal of the philosophy of yoga is to achieve enlightenment, which is a state of perfect understanding and happiness. The philosophy of yoga is a great way to deepen your yoga practice and to learn more about the philosophy behind it. It is a great way to achieve a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Audio in Hindi

में ऋषि आज आपका ब्रह्मज्ञान में स्वागत करता हूँ आज का विषय है योग I भगवद गीता में, भगवान कृष्ण योग के दर्शन के बारे में सिखाते हैं। योग आत्म-साक्षात्कार और सर्वोच्च होने की प्राप्ति का मार्ग है। भगवान कृष्ण सिखाते हैं कि योग का मार्ग आसान नहीं है, लेकिन यह मुक्ति का सबसे सीधा मार्ग है। योग आत्म परिवर्तन की एक प्रक्रिया है।

आत्म-परिवर्तन प्राप्त करने के लिए, पहले मन और शरीर को शुद्ध करना चाहिए। यह योग निद्रा, या गहन विश्राम के अभ्यास के माध्यम से किया जाता है। एक बार जब मन और शरीर शुद्ध हो जाते हैं, तो अभ्यासी योग के आध्यात्मिक पहलू पर काम करना शुरू कर सकता है। योग का लक्ष्य सर्वोच्च होने के साथ एकता प्राप्त करना है। यह ध्यान और चिंतन के अभ्यास के माध्यम से किया जाता है।

सर्वोच्च होने पर ध्यान करने के लिए, सबसे पहले यह जानना होगा कि सर्वोच्च व्यक्ति कौन है। सर्वोच्च अस्तित्व सभी ज्ञान और सभी अस्तित्व का स्रोत है। भगवद गीता में, भगवान कृष्ण ने सर्वोच्च होने की प्रकृति का बहुत विस्तार से वर्णन किया है। वे समझाते हैं कि सर्वोच्च प्राणी ब्रह्मांड का निर्माता है और वह सभी सुखों का स्रोत है। वे यह भी समझाते हैं कि परमात्मा सभी भौतिक इच्छाओं से मुक्त हैं और वे शाश्वत आनंद के पूर्ण अवतार हैं। सुप्रीम बीइंग ध्यान की सही वस्तु है। सर्वोच्च होने का ध्यान करके व्यक्ति शाश्वत शांति और सुख प्राप्त कर सकता है। भगवद गीता में, भगवान कृष्ण कहते हैं, “वह व्यक्ति जो अपने भीतर, स्वयं में खुशी पाता है, सबसे ज्यादा खुश है। वह सभी पीड़ाओं और सभी भयों से मुक्त है।”

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Spiritual light and God

Spiritual light is often seen as a metaphor for understanding or knowledge. In some religious traditions, it is considered to be a physical manifestation of the divine. In others, it is seen as a way to connect with the divine.

When we connect with the divine, we open ourselves up to limitless possibilities. we can connect with the divine in many ways, including through prayer, meditation, and yoga. When we connect with the divine, we become one with the universe, and we can experience bliss, peace, and love.

Divine lightening is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of God. It is used to destroy evil and punish the wicked. When God sends a bolt of divine lightening, it is a sign that he is angry and that sinners will suffer.

Spirituality is a personal journey. There are many ways to find or connect with God. Below are some ways that have worked for others. Some people find God through nature. They may go for walks in the park, sit by the ocean, or watch the stars at night. Others find God through prayer or meditation. They may say prayers before bed, take time each day to sit in silence, or use a mantra. Others find God through service. They may volunteer at a soup kitchen, help a neighbor carry groceries, or visit a nursing home. Others find God through scripture.

They may read the Gita, Bible, Torah, or Qur’an, or listen to teachings from these texts. No matter how you find God, the most important thing is to be open to the experience. Allow yourself to be curious and explore your spiritual side. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask someone you trust.

Lord Krishan is known as the supreme teacher of yoga and the Gita. The following are some teachings from Krishan on the Gita:

1. The Gita is a guide to yoga and the path of liberation.

2. The Gita is a journey from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.

3. The Gita teaches that the universe is an expression of the divine will.

4. The Gita is a guide to the highest form of spiritual realization.

5. The Gita is a guide to the supreme principle of life.

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