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At RGNUL, the National Conference NATCON Youth on Environmental Degradation, Social Change, and Youth Empowerment was inaugurated.

Patiala, April 25:
The Department of Sociology at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, in collaboration with the Punjab Pollution Control Board, organised a two-day National Conference on Environmental Degradation, Social Change, Development, and ‘The Youth’—NATCON YOUTH (April 25th–26th, 2024). Mr. Kamal Kishor Yadav, Administrative Secretary of Higher Education and Languages, Department of Higher Education, Punjab Government, Chandigarh, inaugurated the conference today. Distinguished sociologists, Professor (Dr.) Maitrayee Chaudhari, President of the Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi, and Professor (Dr.) Rajesh Gill, Advocate and Former Professor from Panjab University’s Department of Sociology, Chandigarh, graced the event as Keynote Speaker and Guest of Honour, respectively.
The keynote speakers emphasised the importance of empowering youth through academic and administrative efforts by academic institutions and governmental bodies. During the inauguration, Dr. Jasleen Kewlani, the Convenor and Organising Secretary of NATCON Youth 2024, edited the book “The Youth and Holistic Health: Assessing Risks and Designing Mechanisms,” marking a significant moment. Professor (Dr.) Jai Shankar Singh, the Vice-Chancellor of RGNUL, Punjab, and Professor (Dr.) Anand Pawar, the Registrar, both distinguished figures in legal education, facilitated the release.
Additionally, during the inaugural session, university students Deepali, Devshree, Jashandeep Kaur, and Manya submitted a policy paper to Mr. Kamal Kishor Yadav titled “Institutionalising ‘Online Freelancing’ in the State of Punjab, With a Focus on Reducing Youth Suicide Rates and Accelerating Economic Growth.”
The Academic Business Sessions, conducted in hybrid mode over the two-day event, engage approximately two hundred participants from across the country in presenting papers. Notable panellists attending include Pulmonologist Professor (Dr.) Vishal Chopra; Professor (Dr.) Sanjay Tewari, Honorary Professor at the Russian Academy of Social and Fundamental Sciences, Moscow; Convenor of Research Centre 25 ‘Sociology of Sports,’ Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi; and Advocate Dr. Kalpesh Kumar L. Gupta, Founder of ProBono India Legal Startups, New Delhi.
Through discussions between the guests during the inaugural sessions and with RGNUL, Punjab’s authorities have paved the way for collaborative initiatives between the state education department and the host institution, focusing on welfare and educational programmes for the youth and children of Punjab.

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