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A warm welcome to new state president Preeti Malhotra and other team members

On February 7, the Residence of Ward 60 congrulated the new team member of the Aam Aadmi Party. The residents of Ward 60 gave a warm welcome to Preeti Malhotra, the state president of women; Surjan Singh Subedar, the state joint secretary of the ex-serviceman wing; and Nirmal Singh Jhaneri, the ex-serviceman wing’s district secretary. There were cake-cutting ceremonies and speeches to mark the occasion. The residents expressed their excitement and support for the new team members, hoping that their presence would bring positive changes and development to Ward 60. They emphasised the importance of women’s representation in politics and expressed confidence in Preeti Malhotra’s ability to advocate for their needs. The ex-servicemen also received applause for their dedication to serving the nation and were encouraged to use their experience to address issues faced by veterans in the ward.

In this programme, residents of Ward No. 60 raised their voices about their problems and concerns, ranging from inadequate infrastructure to a lack of access to basic amenities. They urged the new team members to prioritise these issues and work towards finding sustainable solutions. Additionally, they emphasised the need for regular communication and engagement between the residents and the elected representatives to ensure transparency and accountability in governance.

On this occasion, Mukhtiar Singh Gill, block president and cashier, highlighted the importance of community involvement in decision-making processes. He stressed that the residents should actively participate in local meetings and contribute their ideas and suggestions to shape the future of their community. Gill also mentioned the significance of building strong partnerships with local organisations and government agencies to leverage resources and address pressing issues effectively.

Monica Sharma is a committee member and member of the women’s group. She also plays an important role in advocating for women’s rights and finding sustainable solutions by raising their voice in front of senior leaders, ultimately contributing to the empowerment and equality of women in the community.

On this occasion, other prominent members like Yasmen ward secretary, Dharam Singh JE, Kamaljit Singh Walia, Sukhjeet Singh, Gurneek Singh, Harjit Singh, Darshan Singh, Bholla Singh Sarpanch, Munish, and Kuldeep Singh Subedar were present.

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