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A sharp look at drug smugglers and bad elements – SSP Varun Sharma

Operation SEAL-3: SSP Varun Sharma led the blockade on the borders with the neighboring states in the district – due to the interstate blockade at 8 places, a sharp look at drug smugglers and bad elements – Varun Sharma

Patiala Police is taking strict action against bad elements immediately. Property worth crores of rupees was seized from five smugglers.
20 kg of poppy, 1260 tablets, 25 grams of intoxicants, and 100 bottles of liquor recovered
Patiala, Devigarh, August 19:
Under the ‘Operation SEAL-3’ conducted by the Punjab Police, the Patiala Police kept a close eye on those coming to Punjab through cars and other means by blocking the interstate at 8 places on the border with the neighboring state within the district. SSP Varun Sharma, leading the inter-state blockade, said that the Patiala Police is keeping a sharp eye on drug smugglers and bad elements with full urgency. He said that 20 kg of poppy, 1260 tablets, 25 grams of Intox, and 100 bottles of liquor were recovered during these checkpoints.

The district police chief said in an informal conversation with the media at Rohar Jagir that Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and DGP Under the guidelines of Gaurav Yadav, Operation SEAL-3 was conducted by the Punjab Police today. He said that under this operation, Patiala Police has strictly checked the vehicles coming to Punjab by blocking the interstate at 8 different places in the district.
Varun Sharma said that the purpose of this operation, SEAL, is to put pressure on the drug traffickers to stay away from black businesses like smuggling and to control the person who does this and bring him under the custody of the law. He said that the Patiala Police has recently seized property worth crores of rupees from five smugglers by taking strict action against drug smugglers. He said that the Patiala Police has dealt a big blow to the smugglers by seizing the property made for drug smuggling while fulfilling their responsibility with full vigilance.
SSP He said that today, 4 SPGs, 8 DSPs, and 500 other ranks posted at 8 checkpoints in the adjoining areas of the neighboring state of Haryana are doing strict checking of vehicles by using PICE software and vehicle applications. has been done. He said that during today’s blockade, the police promptly recovered the banned goods.
He further said that during the search at Dharmeri Gate, Seema Rani’s wife, Rajdeep Singh, a resident of Hirdapur, was arrested, and 430 tramadol tablets were recovered from her. Saurav Dubey and Gaurav Dubey were arrested at Balbera Nake, and 20 grams of narcotic powder were recovered. During the search at Bahadurgarh Gate, Tarsem Singh, son of Randhir Singh, and Jafar Khan, son of Roshan Khan, a resident of Dongla, were arrested, and 550 tramadol pills were recovered. During the search at Shambhu Naka, Bikramjit, the son of Balwinder Singh, a resident of Khojikipur, was arrested, and 280 drug pills were recovered from him. During the search at Shambhu Naka itself, Anshu, son of Naresh, a resident of Sheikhupur Khasla UP, was arrested, and 10 kg of poppy were recovered.
Similarly, during the search at Sarala Sarhala Nake, Pawan Kumar, son of Ramji Das, a resident of Harimajra, was arrested, and 60 bottles of illegal liquor were recovered from him. During the search at the same gate, Vishal Moriya, son of Jhajan Nath, a resident of Hekam, Uttar Pradesh, was arrested, and 10 kg of poppy were recovered from him. While during the search at Dhabi Gujran Nake, Rinku, son of Sukhwinder Singh, a resident of Sansanes, was arrested, and 5 grams of crushed poppy were recovered from him. Paramjit Singh, alias Pamma, son of Sarain Singh, a resident of Khanewal, was arrested during the search at the Hamjhari checkpoint, and 560 drug pills were recovered from him. During the search at the Mashigan checkpoint, Anil Kumar, son of Suresh Kumar, a resident of Krishna Colony, was caught, and 40 bottles of illicit drugs were seized from him. Liquor was exported from Malta.
Varun Sharma said that a strict watch is being kept on those who do such black business, including smuggling alcohol and other drugs. On this occasion, DSP Rural Gurdev Singh Dhaliwal, SHO Jeweler Harjinder Singh Dhillon, and other officials were also present.
Photo Caption: S.S.P. Varun Sharma is leading the inter-state blockade under Operation SEAL at Rohar Jagir near the Haryana border.

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