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Making a draft of the master plan for Nabha was discussed.

Under the orders of the Chief Minister, in the meeting of the Nabha think tank under the chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner, ideas for making a draft of the master plan of Nabha were discussed.
The Punjab government will work on the outline plan to improve the condition of all the focal points of the district, according to Sakshi Sahni.

Patiala, November 28:
According to the orders of Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann, Deputy Commissioner Sakshi Sahni presided over the meeting of the Nabha Think Tank and discussed making the master plan for Nabha. During this, discussions were also held on the industrial zones of Rajpura and Patiala, including taking suggestions from the representatives of the industries, including the officials of various departments.
The Deputy Commissioner said that the draft of the master plan for Nabha has been prepared, and therefore it was sent to the Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Board meeting chaired by the Chief Minister after taking the objections and suggestions of the people and related industries. This plan has again been sent for consideration by Nabha Think Tank, and in view of this, the amendments to this master plan have been discussed today.
Meanwhile, the industrial zones being built here for the industrial development of Rajpura and Patiala were also discussed. Sakshi Sahni said that Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann has approved the bridge to be built over the river near the industrial focal point of Patiala, and all the NOCs required for it have also been found, and its construction will be done very soon. He said that for the development of all the focal points of the district, the Punjab government has drawn up a proposal, which is being implemented rapidly so that our industrialists do not face any difficulty.
On the occasion of this meeting, ADC Anuprita Johal and SDM Nabha Tarsem Chand were present. While running the meeting, District Town Planner (Planning), Dr. Seema Kaushal, gave information about the industrial zones of Patiala and Rajpura, including the Nabha Master Plan. On this occasion, DTP Regulatory Harinder Sandhu, ATP Ramandeep Kaur, and representatives of industrialists from Nabha Bhada, Patiala, and Rajpura, along with officials from other departments, were also present.
Photo Caption: Deputy Commissioner Sakshi Sahni presides over a meeting of the Nabha Think Tank. ADC Anuprita Johal SDM Nabha Tarsem Chand and DTP Dr. Seema Kaushal are also seen with them.

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