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MLA Kohli raised the issue of Patiala’s old bus stand in the Vidhan Sabha.

The Chief Minister’s assurance to solve this issue soon

Patiala, November 28:
The 2-day session of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha has started today. In this session, MLAs of Punjab raised the major issues of their respective areas before the government and answered questions. Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party MLA from Patiala, Ajitpal Singh Kohli, raised the issue of the old bus stand. Meanwhile, the MLA raised the issue in front of the Vidhan Sabha and said that the government has done a great job by handing over the new bus stand to Patiala, but at the same time, the shops, hotels, street vendors, and jobs of the people around the old bus stand have been cut. No action is required. Chief Minister, Punjab, on this matter. Bhagwant Singh Mann assured that the common people will not be allowed to suffer and that the issue will be resolved soon.
Speaking in the Vidhan Sabha, MLA Kohli said that along with the employment of these shopkeepers, it has also become very difficult for people coming from a radius of about 40 km. The MLA raised the issue that there are historical Gardwara Sri Dukhniwaran Sahib, ancient temple Sri Kali Devi, courthouses, hospitals, and markets near the old bus stand. He said that these people come to Patiala daily for their business or duty and their other activities, due to which they first have to get down on the new bus of Patiala, then they have to come to the old bus station from there and then spend money through some other means. It is necessary to go to your designated place, while the same is the way to return. Due to this, these people have to invest money twice or three times. The MLA told the Vidhan Sabha House that this issue should be solved quickly so that the problems of hundreds of shopkeepers, hawkers, and common people can be removed.

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