The health department has started a state-of-the-art diagnostic retina clinic at Government Mata Kaushalya Hospital, Patiala. Medical Superintendent of Mata Kaushalya Hospital, Dr. Jagpalinder Singh, said that this clinic is specially designed for the treatment of diabetic patients and other people suffering from various eye diseases. 
Dr. Jagpalinder Singh said that Health Minister Dr. Under the able leadership of Balbir Singh, the hospital has been diligently equipped with essential facilities. The launch of the Jessis OCT machine, a retinal camera and indirect ophthalmoscopy, is a testament to the hospital’s commitment to advanced diagnostic capabilities. 
Expressing the vision of the hospital, the medical superintendent said that “their aim is to treat patients efficiently and refer patients promptly to higher centers for further treatment. He said that the medical staff of the hospital has ensured comprehensive care. While making, there is specialized training in the medical retina.” 
The clinic will operate three times a week, and screening and diagnostic services will also be provided to address the growing concerns related to retinal problems in diabetic patients and other eye diseases.

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