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Unauthorized storage, transport, use, or sale of animal manure within the district of Patiala has been banned.

Additional District Magistrate, Patiala, Anuprita Johal, in exercise of powers under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (Act No. 2 of 1974) for unauthorized storage, transport, use, or sale of cattle semen within District Patiala. Banned.
It has been said in the order that due to the sale of artificial cement at various places, there is a fear of spoiling the improved breed of livestock of the state, and in case this happens, the entire efforts made by the department for the improvement of the breed of cattle for a long time will be cancelled and will become useless. Incidents of the sale of fake and unauthorized cement are coming to light at different places in the state of Punjab. The use of semen sold or purchased in an unauthorized manner as per this prohibitory order is not appropriate as per the state breeding policy, as doing so may adversely affect the productivity of the state’s livestock with immediate effect. It cannot be known, but its effect will be seen in the near future, and if this happens, the entire efforts made by the department for the improvement of the breed of animals for a long time will become useless. Thus, selling unauthorized SIMs is a very serious issue. These orders will remain in force until February 5, 2024.
This order applies to the Animal Husbandry Department, all Veterinary Institutions of Punjab, including Animal Hospitals, Dispensaries, and Polyclinics; the Animal Husbandry Department, Punjab Milkfed; and Artificial Insemination Centers run by the College of Veterinary Science, Gadvasu Ludhiana. Any other Artificial Insemination Centers that are Animal Husbandry Department processing and supplying or using bovine semen imported from Punjab shall not be applicable to members of the Progressive Dairy Farms Association, Punjab, who have imported bovine semen solely for the use of their cattle.

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