The days are so short, yet there is so much to read! Every day, my need for knowledge grows, and I find it harder to satisfy. Do you share my traits? If so, you’re on the appropriate site. We deliver information, which changes lives.

“A recent study discovered that those who read, write, and share content on a daily basis have a 20% gain in cognitive ability and overall mental well-being. This demonstrates the enormous value that these activities have in improving our intellectual capacities and fostering personal growth.”

We believe that habitual readers have a larger viewpoint, better communication skills, and greater empathy for others. Regular reading has also been linked to increased critical thinking and creativity. We pay you for becoming a better version of yourself through our program.

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As a free subscriber to Kal Mass Media, you will gain access to a wide range of educational content and resources that can help you expand your knowledge in various fields. Additionally, by staying updated with the latest industry trends and insights provided by Kal Mass Media, you can also discover new opportunities to increase your income and stay ahead in your professional journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your learning and earning potential to new heights with Kal Mass Media.

How do authors or writers earn money with Kal mass media?

Authors and writers can earn money with Kal Mass Media through various avenues. One way is by submitting their written content, such as articles or blog posts, to be published on the platform. They can earn income through revenue sharing program, where they receive a percentage of the advertising revenue generated by their content. Another way for authors and writers to earn money with Kal Mass Media is by selling their e-books or digital publications directly through the platform.

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Kal Mass Media: Your Gateway to a Wider Audience

As an inspiring writer, you have the power to captivate readers and convey your message to the world. With Kal Mass Media, you can take your writing to the next level and reach a wider audience through a variety of channels.

Press releases, articles, notes, and stories: Publish your content on Kal Mass Media’s platform and get it distributed to major search engines, ensuring maximum visibility and reach.

Brand building, announcements, offers, and sales: Leverage Kal Mass Media’s platform to build your brand, make announcements, promote your offers, and sell your products or services to a larger audience.

Additional services from Kal Mass Media’s Myai app:

  • Compose emails and response emails
  • Write compelling content
  • Proofreading
  • Create calendars and presentations
  • Design images
  • Make video calls

All of these services are available for just Rs.200 per day only.

Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your reach and achieve your writing goals with Kal Mass Media.

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I always believe that I was born on this earth for a reason. I also have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. So, I always try my best to solve the problems of my society. In today’s world, problems arise in true relationships, and it is very difficult to meet both ends (financial problems). Read More..

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Read my many books for free on Amazon and enjoy limitless reading on any device. Explore over 20 lakh eBooks and comics on any device. You can now pay for your subscription with UPI.

I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think

Who knows us, and what is their opinion? 

I’m Lorraine Tsarwe, a journalism and mass communication student. Kal Mass Media is for those who enjoy reading and writing, so it has helped me be creative as a journalist in those areas. 

Chantal Gray

Kal Mass Media is a platform created to provide knowledge and experience for people with an interest in reading and writing and to support the media community at large. Kal-Mass Media provides jobs and creates opportunities for individuals to be able to learn and earn money at the same time. For me, this is a way of empowering young and upcoming writers, journalists, content creators, and every artist as a whole. Kal Mass Media is a family to be a part of and a space that’s highly appreciated by people like us. 

Madhusudan Garg

Kal Mass Media is a good news organization. I am a journalism student and can gain experience in journalism activities like advertising and anchoring through my internship. Kal Mass Media gives me the opportunity to work, and I am very thankful to them. 

Karanveer Singh

As an editor and 3D artist, I bring a creative flair to my passion for storytelling. Thank you for the opportunity to intern with you. It will be a valuable and rewarding experience that will help me develop my skills and knowledge in media and communication. 

Aishah Chitungo

Kal Mass Media is a floor where people are given the opportunity to delineate their talent, which includes editing, content writing, content creation, and some other things that include media. Being part of it will be super beneficial to their life journey; it has books that are educational. 

Parvesh Kumar

Kal Mass Media is a floor where people can showcase their talents in areas such as editing, content writing, content creation, and other media-related activities. that include media. Being part of it will be super beneficial to their life journey. It has books that are educational. 

Anjli Shukla

I have an interest in anchoring, reporting, and digital marketing, which is why I am affiliated with Kal Mass Media. Another reason I am affiliated with this platform is that I am a creative person, and in this medium there are many creative activities like digital marketing, content writing, reading or writing books, and many more. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with Kal Mass Media. I feel very happy because now I am a part of Kal Mass Media. Thank You. 


Hi, I am Piyush. I am 19 years old, and I am a video editor or a cinematographer. Kal Mass Media is a great platform where you can earn points by creating articles or reading articles. It helps you earn money and also increases your general knowledge. I am happy that Kal Mass Media gave me an internship with the company. 

Insha Tabassum

For me, Kal Mass Media has exceptional skills and a wide range of services for many people, especially students who want to earn money or gain experience. Their fresh and new ideas were different, and timetables were always respected. I am impressed with how I have adapted very quickly to this Kal Mass Media. Kal Mass Media has led us in the right direction. 

Arnold Makoni

As an affiliate of Kal Mass Media, I would like to acknowledge the provision of skills and knowledge for people who are looking to grow in their business. Kal Mass Media helps you push higher and achieve higher.


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