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Drug addiction is a serious disease, and Patiala Police is tightening the reins on drug traffickers by cooperating to treat it.

He said, the supply chain of drugs was broken by the police, the society should support to end the demand

Patiala police took an oath against drugs in the awareness seminar against drugs

Patiala, November 20:

Patiala Police SSP In an exclusive initiative under the leadership of Varun Sharma, an awareness seminar against drugs was organized here at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology to make the youth aware of the ill effects of drugs. On the occasion of the seminar conducted with the support of the Power House Youth Club and the Youth Federation of India, social service organizations working on the theme of the United Nations, the youth were made to swear an oath against drugs to end the demand for drugs.

On the occasion of the seminar conducted as part of community policing, SSP Varun Sharma invited the society to cooperate with the police to end the demand for drugs. He said that the Punjab Police, on the directions of Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Maan, DGP, Under the leadership of Gaurav Yadav, the supply chain of drugs has been broken; now people should join hands and come forward to end the demand for drugs.
Describing drug addiction as a serious disease, SSP Varun Sharma said that the Patiala police is providing full support for the treatment of its victims because the Punjab government has made a policy of treating drug addicts as sick for some reason. He said that Patiala Police has played a leading role in the state by attaching property worth more than 7 crore rupees while tightening the reins of drug traffickers.

Urging the youth to stay away from drugs, Varun Sharma said that the risk of drug addiction is highest from the age of 15 to 35 years, so the youth are addicted to drugs for any kind of friendship. Stay away from drug traffickers and inform the police. They also asked to take help from the helpline number 0175-2213385 of the Saket Drug Addiction Center at the nearest police station. During the program, Shahide Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh Raj Yuva Award winner Parminder Bhalwan and member Dasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan took an oath against drugs.

On this occasion, the poster for the Drug-Free Half Marathon to be organized by Jan Hit Samiti on December 3 and the awareness booklet against drugs from the Power House Youth Club and Foundation for a Drug-Free World were released. SP City Muhammad Sarfaraj Alam, Deputy Director of Thapar Institute Dr. Ajay Batish, Dean Dr. Inderveer Chana, Registrar Dr. Gurbinder Singh, DSP Sanjeev Singla, Parminder Bhalwan, member of Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan, Governor Awardee Jatwinder Grewal, and State Awardee Rupinder Kaur gave full support for the seminar.

On this occasion, Government ITI boys, students of the Government State College of Education and Thapar Institute, including Assistant Professor Hardeep Kaur Saini, Lieutenant Jagdeep Singh Joshi, Training Officer Sukhwant Singh, Project Director of the Red Cross Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation Center Parminder Kaur Manchanda, Vinod Sharma from Jan Hit Samiti, Vinay Sharma, and Upkar Singh, were also present.

Photo Caption- S.S.P. Varun Sharma presiding over the drug awareness seminar organized by Patiala Police.

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