Flood loss applications are being collected on August 20 at Radhey Shyam Mandir.

Form applications are being collected from residents of urban estate phase 2 by the 10 Marla Residents Welfare Association phase 2 on August 20.

20th Aug. Dear residents, as per the decided program, the team of 10 Marla Residents Association Phase 2 started collecting flood-loss applications at Gurdwara Sahib and Radhey Shyam Mandir. A massive response came from residents of all categories of houses. 265 people submitted their applications until 3.0 p.m. Some social people other than the association members helped in receiving applications and guiding the applicants, as seen in the photos attached.

From the applications and from the personal talk with applicants, it came out that in several houses, flood water levels crossed five feet in EWS and LIG houses. In such a natural calamity, people are justified in expecting the authorities to decide modalities to provide early compensation based on real rational considerations.
Residents demanded an additional camp on another day because information about today’s camp couldn’t reach the majority of affected people. This shows the magnitude of losses and the affected families in urban estates. People also expressed concern and demanded a strong band on Patiala Nadi towards urban estate areas.
The association has already made such a demand and is hopeful that the government will find a solution for safety in the future in the larger public interest.
Thanks for the response. Your Association Team

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