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First Attempt

Tanishq’s adventure began in 1994 with the introduction of 18k gold watches adorned with priceless stones. However, it quickly expanded to become a 22K jeweller offering an exquisite selection of gold and diamond jewellery. Mr. Xerxes Desai created the term Tanishq by fusing the terms “Tan,” which means body, and “Nishk,” which means a gold decoration. Tanishq’s first modern jewellery factory, complete with a suitable karigaar park, was established in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

Everlasting Appeal

Tanishq views jewellery as an expression of craftsmanship rather than a commodity, and our stunning selection of jewel pieces perfectly balances classic charm with modern appeal. Tanishq hopes to play a significant role in the journey of the Indian lady by creating designs that celebrate and capture the beauty of life’s key moments. Being the top wedding jeweller in India, we are aware of the unique requirements of each regional bride, and this knowledge has served as our inspiration for designing unique bridal collections for Rivaah that are tailored to each and every Indian culture.

The Personification of Excellence
At Tanishq, our goal is to continuously provide excellence. We have revolutionised the way that jewellery is purchased and sold in India by introducing a brand-new benchmark for ethical business practises and product dependability. The company has gained the hearts of customers with inventions like the Karatmeter, which measures the purity of gold. Our ongoing goal is to ensure that the gold, diamonds, and other precious stones we use to create our jewellery remain of the finest calibre. We do thorough quality controls and only purchase our diamonds ethically from reputable, certified, and well-known vendors. At Tanishq, we also take great satisfaction in providing an unmatched shopping experience that is tailored to each individual customer’s requirements and interests.

Secrets to Success
Tanishq has the unique distinction of being sought by Indian ladies because of our comprehension of the present Indian jewellery industry and our continuous development along with its shifting wants and preferences. Furthermore, we have furthered our reputation as the nation’s most reputable jewellery brand thanks to our commitment to tight and consistent norms throughout all 200+ locations and our strong standards for quality.

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