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Welcome to Kal Mass Media. To start your internet business, you need to understand the compensation plan and the services. Our main services are helping businesses with branding, advertising, and performance-based marketing. With this, they can find new clients and customers for their existing businesses. And helping businesses grow and boost their sales. In addition to this, helping people start a second income.

If you don’t have a business, just enroll with us for free and start generating lifetime income with us.

We have two type of Content: Content for everyone (General Content) and Premium Content.

Premium Content is a content for people who love to read premium content. Premium content will be written exclusively for VIPs. Content will be related to exclusive premium news and for shopping lovers. It helps you save money on your shopping. We are approved marketing channel partners for the world’s top brands. We shall be updating with offers, deals, and discount coupons. To read the premium content you need to subscribe and become our premium member.

Points: Login and start reading our news or articles to generate more points. You can check your points in the sidebar widget. And to redeem the point, you can shop here.

Complete the task and generate more points. More points mean more savings and a higher income.

Cashback Points: Whenever you shop, at our Indian women fashion store Deals Shop. You are entitled to get 5% prepaid discount.

Task: Complete the task and generate more points.

Shop and Save: We are approved marketing channel partners of the world’s top brands. Always prefer to shop and save at your favorite merchants here. So that we can give more value to your points.

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Steps of Success

Step One: Register with us FREE and enroll with us as an Affiliate. Once approved, start sharing our Kal Mass Media services and acquire new clients. You are eligible to generate 10% of the sales. The best part is our affiliate program is more advanced system, because customers remains yours for the lifetime.

Note: To confirm your registration, you need to activate the link in your email.

Second Step: Login, and don’t forget to register as an affiliate. And wait for 24 hours for your affiliate link to be approved. Meanwhile, you can login and start reading news or articles to generate more points. Every point helps you grow your income.

Third Step: Once approved, you can login and start promoting our Kal Mass Media Services to your clients. Just put the web address in and generate your affiliate link. Share on WhatsApp, Facebook, social sites, and even on your website. Whenever someone reaches our site with your affiliate link and purchases our services, you generate income.

Fourth Step: Become our contributor and start writing press releases, articles, and news. Here you can post your activities, what’s in your mind, create a gallery, put images and video links, and sell your stuff. Once you upgrade and become a contributor, your affiliate income will be doubled. This means now you are eligible for 20% of the sale values.

Interested in writing more and generating more income. If yes, I would love to introduce you to Strong Future International Business. Once you join the business for free, you can start promoting more products or services through your affiliate links. And start generating five-generation income with it. And on every sale you generate reward points (rewardical) and exchange with Bitcoin for free, you create your team of personal sponsor affiliates and co-sponsor affiliates. In addition to this, you can exchange with Triple Clicks Currency and many more.

Supported by our group of games, auctions, rewards programs, and online shopping sites—which we call the Zing Network—we’ve boiled down your SFI business action plan to a single simple strategy:


That’s it!

OK…that’s not quite it, but it’s pretty close. Here’s a bit more detail: Use any of your free, custom SFI Gateway sites—view them all here—to attract new Members, new SFI Affiliates, and/or vendors and merchants interested in expanding their reach. Simply start encouraging everyone you know to visit your Gateway site(s). Every time one of your Personally Referred Members (PRMs) or Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs) signs up and makes a purchase, YOU can earn a Direct Commission (DC)! 

Here’s an example of how your SFI Gateways work:

1. Let’s say you decide to promote your TripleClicks Gateway to prospective members.

2. Click here to register and you go to your SFI Gateways List and find your TripleClicks gateway link

3. You copy and paste your specific Gateway link into your online ads, offline flyers, newsletters, etc…anywhere and everywhere you think people may be looking for great deals on lots of cool items. NOTE: You can also use one of the free SFI Affiliate Marketing Aids we provide.

4. Every time one of your prospects clicks your link and signs up for free to explore the TripleClicks site, they become your Personally Referred Member (PRM), with free, instant access to ALL our Zing network sites, including Eager Zebra Games, Jolt Auctions, the Rewardical online exchange, and more. 

And THAT is where the REAL power of the SFI Affiliate program kicks in!

Every time your PRM makes a purchase on any of our sites—for life!—YOU can earn a sales commissions on his or her purchases! What’s more, if your PRMs decide to become SFI Affiliates themselves, your potential earning power SKYROCKETS as you tap into even more lucrative income streams!

Here’s an example:

Let’s say a potential customer lands on your TripleClicks Gateway site, signs up, and becomes your Personally Referred Member. They then purchase an item at with a $25 Commission Volume attached. YOU can then earn a Direct Commission of $20 (80% of the CV)! PLUS, the remaining $5 (20% of the CV) is deposited in the SFI profit sharing pool, which is distributed to all Executive Affiliates!

Term to know:

Share-Tech™ Profit Sharing System (ST)
Executive Affiliate (EA)
Executive Pack (E-Pack)
Personally Sponsored Affiliate (PSA)
Co-Sponsored Affiliate (CSA)
PSA Bonus (PSAB)
CSA Bonus (CSAB)

One of the reasons why Strong future International has become one of the largest and most successful affiliate programs in the world is because Strong future international generously shares its profits with its affiliates!

Meet the Share-Tech™ Profit Sharing System, the world’s first fully dynamic and growth-flow optimized affiliate profit sharing system—designed and developed at Strong future International, exclusively for our affiliates.

Here’s how Share-Tech™ works:

Upon registering as an affiliate, you’ll automatically be placed in the Share-Tech “matrix,” where you can become eligible to share in SFI’s companywide sales. The guaranteed minimum monthly earnings amount is $1, but it can be much more—because Share-Tech™ utilizes powerful components designed to multiply the persons in your network and your associated earnings.

To qualify for Share-Tech™ profit shares, simply upgrade to Executive Affiliate (EA) with a sale or purchase of just one $19.95 E-Pack…and that’s it! That’s all you have to do to start building a full-time income with SFI!

NOTE: Not only is our E-Pack nominally priced at just $19.95, it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee of satisfaction, so there’s zero risk! Learn more about the E-Pack and all the amazing goodies.

Let’s Understand the Share Tech-Profit Sharing

TripleClicks has a stellar retail program for its affiliates. For every E-Pack you sell to your Personally Referred Member (PRM), you’ll instantly earn $5 ($60 annually for subscriptions). For all other products, you’ll automatically earn 80% of the total CV (Commission Volume) available. The other 20% goes into the Share-Tech™ profit sharing pool. In other words, you’ll be earning an equal share of 20% of all non-E-Pack retail sales companywide! PLUS…you can also earn Rewardical Matches on all your PRMs! NOTE: You must be an EA to participate in SFI’s profit sharing program and earn Rewardical Matches.

When you personally refer another person to SFI, they become your PSA (Personally Sponsored Affiliate). You’ll automatically earn $1-$15 every month for each of your PSAs who become EA. You can also earn Rewardical Matches on all your PSAs! And there is no limit to how many PSA Bonuses and Matches you can collect each month—which is in ADDITION to earned profit shares! NOTE: You must be an EA to earn PSA Bonuses and earn Rewardical Matches.

Want to grow your earnings even further? You can also “co-sponsor” affiliates that you did not refer to SFI. That’s right! SFI’s compensation plan even lets you earn income on affiliates you did not directly bring in to SFI! As a co-sponsor, you’ll automatically earn $.25-$3.75 a month for every one of your co-sponsored affiliates (CSAs) who becomes an EA. You can also earn Rewardical Matches on all your CSAs! And there is no limit to how many CSA Bonuses and Matches you can earn each month—which is in ADDITION to all your other earnings! NOTE: You must be an EA to earn CSA Bonuses and earn Rewardical Matches.

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