Patiala district administration is fully alert to conduct fair, transparent, and fear-free elections.

DC and SSP shared information with the media about election preparations and schedules.
A public notice about the Lok Sabha elections was issued, static surveillance began, and flying squads were activated.
To be part of a strong democracy, it is necessary to use the right to vote, said Shaukat Ahmed Pare.
Patiala Police is fully committed to conducting elections in a fear-free and peaceful manner (SSP).

Patiala, May 7:
To conduct fair, transparent, and fear-free Lok Sabha elections, District Administration Patiala is being vigilant and sharing the instructions and programmes of the Election Commission of India regarding the election process with the media. Speaking to reporters at the District Administrative Complex today, Patiala Lok Sabha Constituency Returning Officer and District Election Officer-cum-Deputy Commissioner Shaukat Ahmed Pare issued a public notice about the Lok Sabha elections as per the instructions of the Election Commission of India, as well as the District Election Management Plan. Also issued On this occasion, SSP Varun Sharma, SP (City) Sarfaraj Alam, and Additional District Election Officer Navreet Kaur Sekhon were also present.

District Election Officer Shaukat Ahmed Pare said that the district administration and the district police have completed all the arrangements to conduct the Lok Sabha elections in a fair, transparent, and fear-free manner. He appealed to the voters, saying that the administration will provide a peaceful environment for them so that they can be a part of a strong democracy by exercising their right to vote without any fear or intimidation. He announced that the static surveillance teams in all assembly constituencies, formed with the commencement of nominations for the elections on Thursday, June 1, 2024, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., have begun to check vehicles by installing barricades on the roads. In addition to this, teams from the flying squads are also actively conducting checks.

Shaukat Ahmed Pare announced that the Deputy Commissioner’s Court Room (Room No. 108) will accept nomination papers from May 7 to May 14 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 does not declare May 10, the day of Lord Parashumram Jayanti, as a holiday. Apart from this, May 11 will be the second Saturday, and May 12 will be a holiday. He announced that the nominations will undergo scrutiny on Wednesday, May 15, and candidates will have the opportunity to withdraw their nominations until May 17. He announced that the Election Commission of India will finalise the list of all candidates on the same day and allocate election marks to the independent candidates. He urged all the contesting candidates to ensure strict adherence to the instructions of the Election Commission of India.
The district election officer said that the district administration, according to the instructions of the Election Commission, has prepared various forms before May 12 to cast the votes of the senior citizens above 85 years of age, the disabled, and the election staff posted on any kind of duty for the elections.

The district administration has also made comprehensive arrangements for reimbursement. He stated that we should not deprive any voter of their right to vote, but instead encourage them to exercise their right to vote with full enthusiasm. He stated that the district sweep team is actively promoting voting to achieve the Election Commission’s target of over 70 percent of votes.

On this occasion, SSP Varun Sharma said that the District Police has cracked down on the wrong elements to conduct the Lok Sabha elections in a peaceful and fear-free manner. According to his statement, the Election Commission of India and the Chief Electoral Officer Punjab have instructed the district to deposit 85 percent of licensed weapons. In addition, CCTV cameras continuously monitor 14 interstate checkpoints on the Patiala district’s border with Haryana, strictly monitoring the entry of drugs, illegal liquor, weapons, and suspicious individuals. He stated that the flying squad teams are actively working to prevent the use of “money and muscle power” to influence voters and to conduct surprise checks.

SSP He further stated that the Patiala police have also arrested 57 absconders, as well as recovered illegal cash worth Rs. 20 lakh and 19 kg of silver after the election. While NDPS The NDPS has successfully registered 93 cases under the Act, recovering 10 kg of opium and 3 kg of heroin, while also registering 116 cases under the Excise Act. He stated that the district will closely monitor drugs, illegal liquor, ammunition, and illegal cash. On this occasion, District Public Relations Officer Hakam Thapar, DSP. Raj Kumar Sharma, and other officials were also present.
District Election Officer Shaukat Ahmed Pare and S.S.P. Varun Sharma release District Patiala’s Election Management Plan for the Lok Sabha Elections. Photo Caption:

Photo Caption: District Election Officer Shaukat Ahmed Pare and S.S.P. Varun Sharma talking to reporters about the Lok Sabha elections. SP with them. Additionally visible are City Sarfaraj Alam and Additional District Election Officer Navreet Kaur Sekhon.

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Wins Two Honors at the State-Level Energy Conservation Awards 2023 for Patiala Locomotive Works

Patiala, December 22, 23 Indian Railways’ Patiala Locomotive Works (PLW) division has won the coveted second place in not one, but two categories for “Outstanding Contribution in Energy Conservation.” The Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) held the “State Level Energy Conservation Awards 2023,” where PLW received the honors.

In the categories of “Commercial Buildings” for the PLW Hospital and “Manufacturing Industries (Large Scale)” for the PLW Workshop, PLW was honored for its outstanding accomplishments in energy conservation. This double victory highlights the devotion and quality demonstrated by the hardworking staff at Patiala Locomotive Works.

The Principal Chief Administrative Officer, Shri Pramod Kumar, congratulated all of the PLW officers and employees on their exceptional work, which resulted in these praiseworthy accolades.

Recognizing the importance of these accomplishments, Shri Pramod Kumar urged all employees to keep up their excellent work, paving the way for PLW to reach the highest level of performance in the future.

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A special health campaign will run from September 17 to October 2 under “Ayushman Bhav”.

Special efforts will be made for hospital cleaning, blood donation, and organ donation under Seva Pakhwada. Additional Deputy Commissioner Patiala, September 13:
The Ayushman Bhav campaign, which is run by the Ministry of Health, Government of India, to provide quality health services to the people at the grassroots level from September 17 to October 2, was launched by the President of India, Mrs. Draupadi Murmu, through an online program. The online launch program at the district level was witnessed by Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development) Anupreeta Johal and Civil Surgeon Dr. Raminder Kaur in the conference hall of Government Mata Kushalya Hospital.

After which, Additional Deputy Commissioner Mrs. Anupreeta Johal and Civil Surgeon Dr. Raminder Kaur launched this program at the district level. On this occasion, they were accompanied by District Development and Panchayat Officer Amandeep Kaur, District Program Officer Naresh Kumar, and Group Health Program Officer Civil Office. Surgeon, Senior Medical Officer, Mata Kushalia Hospital, Dr. Vikas Goyal, Mass Media Officer, Nikshe Mitra, and other officials were also present. After the launch of this program at the district level, Additional Deputy Commissioner Anupreeta Johal said that this campaign will be started at the ground level on September 17 by the Punjab Government Health Department. They should make efforts to support the supporting departments for successful implementation of the campaign by giving full support to the District Development and Panchayat Officers through all BDPOs and Panchayats and to the District Program Officer through CDPOs and Anganwadi workers. He said that under this program, Ayushman cards and Abha IDs will be created for the eligible beneficiaries with diabetes, high blood pressure, and T.B. Special attention will be given to diseases so that the maximum number of people can be made aware of them. Civil Surgeon Dr. Raminder Kaur said that Ayushman cards will be distributed to the eligible beneficiaries under Ayushman Apk Door 3.0, which will be launched on September 17, and Abha cards will also be created. will be organized in which people will be made aware of health schemes along with checkups for non-communicable diseases.

Apart from this, medical camps will also be organized in community health centers with the support of specialist doctors from Medical College Patiala on October 2 at Ayushman Sabhas village and Similarly, blood donation camps will be organized from September 17 to October 2 with the help of various social service organizations and the Red Cross Society. During this process, people will be motivated to donate organs, and they will be given an oath. Will go. On this occasion, at the end of the program, T. B. Nikshe Mitra, President of the Social Welfare Society Vijay Goyal, Reman Sharma of the Red Cross Society Patiala, Lakhwinder Singh of Helpage, Senior Medical Officer Dr. Gurpreet Nagra, Pharmacy Officer Rajdeep Kaur, and Rasmi Sharma were honored with certificates, and all the participants were given an oath to donate organs. Abha IDV was generated from the patients in the OPD complex of the hospital.

Photo Caption: 1. Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development) Ms. Anupreeta Johal and Civil Surgeon Dr. Raminder Kaur Nikshe Mitra were felicitated with certificates.

Taking oath regarding organ donation at the online launch of “Ayushman Bhav”.

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A sharp look at drug smugglers and bad elements – SSP Varun Sharma

Operation SEAL-3: SSP Varun Sharma led the blockade on the borders with the neighboring states in the district – due to the interstate blockade at 8 places, a sharp look at drug smugglers and bad elements – Varun Sharma

Patiala Police is taking strict action against bad elements immediately. Property worth crores of rupees was seized from five smugglers.
20 kg of poppy, 1260 tablets, 25 grams of intoxicants, and 100 bottles of liquor recovered
Patiala, Devigarh, August 19:
Under the ‘Operation SEAL-3’ conducted by the Punjab Police, the Patiala Police kept a close eye on those coming to Punjab through cars and other means by blocking the interstate at 8 places on the border with the neighboring state within the district. SSP Varun Sharma, leading the inter-state blockade, said that the Patiala Police is keeping a sharp eye on drug smugglers and bad elements with full urgency. He said that 20 kg of poppy, 1260 tablets, 25 grams of Intox, and 100 bottles of liquor were recovered during these checkpoints.

The district police chief said in an informal conversation with the media at Rohar Jagir that Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and DGP Under the guidelines of Gaurav Yadav, Operation SEAL-3 was conducted by the Punjab Police today. He said that under this operation, Patiala Police has strictly checked the vehicles coming to Punjab by blocking the interstate at 8 different places in the district.
Varun Sharma said that the purpose of this operation, SEAL, is to put pressure on the drug traffickers to stay away from black businesses like smuggling and to control the person who does this and bring him under the custody of the law. He said that the Patiala Police has recently seized property worth crores of rupees from five smugglers by taking strict action against drug smugglers. He said that the Patiala Police has dealt a big blow to the smugglers by seizing the property made for drug smuggling while fulfilling their responsibility with full vigilance.
SSP He said that today, 4 SPGs, 8 DSPs, and 500 other ranks posted at 8 checkpoints in the adjoining areas of the neighboring state of Haryana are doing strict checking of vehicles by using PICE software and vehicle applications. has been done. He said that during today’s blockade, the police promptly recovered the banned goods.
He further said that during the search at Dharmeri Gate, Seema Rani’s wife, Rajdeep Singh, a resident of Hirdapur, was arrested, and 430 tramadol tablets were recovered from her. Saurav Dubey and Gaurav Dubey were arrested at Balbera Nake, and 20 grams of narcotic powder were recovered. During the search at Bahadurgarh Gate, Tarsem Singh, son of Randhir Singh, and Jafar Khan, son of Roshan Khan, a resident of Dongla, were arrested, and 550 tramadol pills were recovered. During the search at Shambhu Naka, Bikramjit, the son of Balwinder Singh, a resident of Khojikipur, was arrested, and 280 drug pills were recovered from him. During the search at Shambhu Naka itself, Anshu, son of Naresh, a resident of Sheikhupur Khasla UP, was arrested, and 10 kg of poppy were recovered.
Similarly, during the search at Sarala Sarhala Nake, Pawan Kumar, son of Ramji Das, a resident of Harimajra, was arrested, and 60 bottles of illegal liquor were recovered from him. During the search at the same gate, Vishal Moriya, son of Jhajan Nath, a resident of Hekam, Uttar Pradesh, was arrested, and 10 kg of poppy were recovered from him. While during the search at Dhabi Gujran Nake, Rinku, son of Sukhwinder Singh, a resident of Sansanes, was arrested, and 5 grams of crushed poppy were recovered from him. Paramjit Singh, alias Pamma, son of Sarain Singh, a resident of Khanewal, was arrested during the search at the Hamjhari checkpoint, and 560 drug pills were recovered from him. During the search at the Mashigan checkpoint, Anil Kumar, son of Suresh Kumar, a resident of Krishna Colony, was caught, and 40 bottles of illicit drugs were seized from him. Liquor was exported from Malta.
Varun Sharma said that a strict watch is being kept on those who do such black business, including smuggling alcohol and other drugs. On this occasion, DSP Rural Gurdev Singh Dhaliwal, SHO Jeweler Harjinder Singh Dhillon, and other officials were also present.
Photo Caption: S.S.P. Varun Sharma is leading the inter-state blockade under Operation SEAL at Rohar Jagir near the Haryana border.

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brown wooden gavel on brown wooden table

District Magistrate gives 10-day extension to 35 license holders working as travel agents in Patiala district to renew their licenses

  • Licenses of those who do not renew their license within 10 days will be permanently canceled – Additional District Magistrate Jagjit Singh
    Patiala, August 17:
    District Magistrate-cum-Deputy Commissioner Patiala office has issued an order and has given 10 days more time to 35 license holders working as Oils, Consultancy, Travel Agent etc. in the district to renew their licenses. Additional District Magistrate-cum-Additional Deputy Commissioner (J) Jagjit Singh said that the office of District Magistrate-cum-Deputy Commissioner Patiala issues licenses to those working as Oils, Consultancy, Travel Agent etc. under the said act. The duration of which is fixed at 5 years and it is mandatory to renew the license two months before its expiry but the 35 license holders have not yet renewed their licenses nor surrendered the licences. Therefore, they have been instructed to renew their licenses. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of their license and will not be considered for renewal.
    In the order issued by the ADC-cum-Additional District Magistrate, Migration World Rajpura, N.S. Financial and Immigration Services, BK Immigration Services, Argus Group Patiala, LSE Leela Bhavan, Infinite Wages Education Rajpura, Trustlink Education Leela Bhavan, Visa Desk Immigration Leela Bhavan, Seerat Migration Rajpura, Virk Overseas Career Solutions Leela Bhavan, Divam Enterprises Patardan, Sehgal Institute Of English Leela Bhawan, Ostrich Immigration Leela Bhawan, Global Touch Patiala, Verma Tour and Travels Patiala, Jass Education and Immigration Patiala, Next Immigration Service Patiala, Career 7 Siege Immigration Patiala include names.
    Apart from this Gamid Visa Point Patiala, Unique Enterprises Patiala, Expert Overseas Immigration Consultant Rajpura, English Master Patiala, P.K. Sir’s English Heights Patiala, Highland Immigration Consultant Patiala, Sky Lark Education Patiala, Vision Visa Consultant Patiala, Global Way Immigration Consultant Patiala, Foreign Land Education and Immigration Consultancy Rajpura, Gold Store Overseas Consultant Patiala, ASPV. Immigration Services Patiala, Nimble Immigration Patiala, Alvin Consultants Pudda Bhavan Urban Estate, Hargun Overseas Consultants Sukhmani Complex Punjabi University, Real Tour and Travel Lung Complex and Overseas Immigration Expert Leela Bhavan are the names of the license holders who will be notified within 10 days. A deadline has been given to renew your license.
  • ADC Said Punjab Prevention of Human Trafficking Rules 2013 framed under the Punjab Prevention of Human Trafficking Act 2012 (amended name, Punjab Travel Professional Regulation Act Wide Government Notification No. GSR 49/PA2/2013/S8 Amd (1) 2014 dated 16-09-2014) issued under these orders shall be effective immediately.
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