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Learn how to become a subscriber and author in Kal Mass Media. Start working as an online assistant and earn money doing freelance labour, chores, and projects from home on behalf of businesses.

Let us grow together with one vision. As a result, we must labour without limitations. In this world, everyone must survive. And it is our responsibility to assist them in surviving their life journey. So, with this aim, points and referral income must be understood.

Create your profile for free and start your mass media advertising business. To understand, complete your profile with a photo and other information. Once completed, declare yourself an affiliate. To understand the concept, read the content after logging in. So that you can generate points and redeem the points when you grab 10000 points.

Start generating points every day. To earn more, become a author or contributor and start writing content and services for viewers across India. You can also create content that is accessible worldwide. Assisting people in speaking out against injustice and for their rights. Your valuable content will be published on our official websites, Kal News and Paazy Readers, to reach a wider audience. In addition to this start promoting your existing business or promote other businesses. Don’t forget to subscribe and get all our updates.

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  • Start free with no obligation and no purchase requirements ever!
  • Work from home or from anywhere on your mobile device!
  • You can start earning money within hours!
  • No experience needed. Online training and professional marketing materials provided at no cost!
  • There are various tasks and projects you can assist with my bonus team.
  • Generate more points, and start referring clients with the copy paste method. And start your passive income.
  • Just send the lead details; the rest we manage.
  • Totally flexible – set your own working hours
  • Work from home or anywhere with an internet connection
  • Suitable for any age, ability or background.
  • We have created a client portal to access the quotation, invoice, and transaction. Your clients have full access under your supervision.

Ready to get started?

Affiliate programmes are also known as referral programmes. Once logged in, just register yourself as an affiliate and start promoting our services with the copy-and-paste method. After logging in, click here.

Life time income opportunity: Your clients remain yours for life. Therefore, whenever your clients purchase our services, you generate income. This is why we say “lifetime income opportunity. On every satisfied and completed transaction, you can be paid 10% as your referral incentive for free members. And if you are a contributor, you will get 20% of your referral income.

Track your sales: Once registered, reach the affiliate area (backend office) and copy the URL page with your affiliate or referral ID. And promote anywhere, like your social media account, email, and website. And with our professional affiliate dashboard, you can track your sales.

Tiered Income: It is also known as performance base income. In other word, referral earnings based or referral count based. To boost your income we are running a campaign. Become Contributor to promote your existing business and get a Performance base incentive.

Start selling on Mobile: If you don’t want to send any link to your customer, just educate them, how they can grow their business and find new clients. In addition to start second income. While teaching them online, you can use checkout referral program. In this, when a user checkout for the payment, the user can mention the affiliate name. So that affiliate get paid on the sales.

Direct Tracking Link: Many times affiliates don’t generate any revenue because users don’t want to use affiliate links for purchases, so we have to solve this issue. After registration, just register your website with us. And start writing an article or sharing a link on your website without any referral ID. And you shall be paid whenever somebody reaches your website and purchases our services.

QR Code: Just copy the QR code on your visiting card and on your website. Let the people scan to know more. It can be used as a marketing tool to boost your sales.

Start advertising and become contributor.

You can generate points for publishing content, promoting your existing business, and generating redeemable points.

You can write an article or post with offers and deals and also sell your stuff with payment buttons. In addition to this, you can generate an image gallery of your products.

The best part is whenever your post is read, you generate additional points. More points means more income.

  • Generate points on task and redeem them for real money.
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Performance base Incentive

Already, we are serving people with many services. You can also take advantage of and profit from global sales. We are approved marketing channel partners for the top brands. This is the reason we are giving free points on reading , login, anniversary and many more. We have listed a few websites, and you will be getting paid from their advertising revenue as bonus.

Start saving on shopping in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and India.

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Begin saving money on needed products and  services by receiving a bonus. Be part of the global community to generate an additional discount on your shopping. In other words, start generating income on every sale that is made by us. And many companies do ship their products to more than 100 countries. Just start shopping or recommending them. Start generating performance base incentive. For more information, click here.

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Save money on airline  tickets.

Start saving on Flight with Search, Compare, and Save.

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Save money on hotel  accommodations.

Start saving on hotels with search, compare and save.

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Find employment  anywhere in the world.

You can also help people who are unemployed find relevant jobs anywhere in the world. In addition to this, create a lead and let us assist.

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Reach a larger audience

Website traffic from Paazy readers It will assist you in reaching a larger audience. More than 3900 subscribers from around the world More people are joining to gain knowledge and enjoy the reader’s club.

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Build websites at affordable prices.

Create a business website at an affordable price. It’s easy and you get a 24×7 support system.

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Paazy Local Search Engine

Start supporting local business by giving them free listing with Paazy local search engine.

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Start selling services

  • Sell online advertising
  • Contact management system (CRM),
  • Traffic booster
  • A built-in email autoresponder
  • Lead generation,
  • Performance marketing
  • Create website
  • Doṁains
  • TLD information
  • SSL Certificate
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Hosting (Shared, VPS and Dedicated)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content writing
  • Grammar Correction
  • Product Name
  • Interview Question
  • Summaries Text
  • Topic Outline
  • Proof Reading
  • Making Ads
  • Finding keywords
  • 3d Presentation
  • Voice over
  • Autoresponder
  • Email Marketing

How It Works?

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Online support

Online services are popular because they are convenient, reliable, and up-to-date with the latest technology. They make our lives easier by allowing us to take care of our business from anywhere in the world.


IP stands for I pay. In this case, you need to update the wallet and pay for the services. Just get the quotation from us and pay on behalf of your client. Set your margin and you can get paid directly from the clients.

Share of Profit ↗

Become a contributor and get a 10% share of the profit from worldwide sales. In addition to this, you can promote our services and trade partners products through our Assets page. And double your referral income by 20%.

Giving back to the Society

Kal Points: You can generate points by doing activities on this site. Like clicking on a specific link, you can generate a point. And on your redemption request, we shall give you the value of the points in Rupees (Indian INR). Every month, we will be giving away free points to boost your morale. A minimum of 1,0000 points can be redeemed. There are various methods to generate the points, like points for daily visits, points for logins, points for anniversaries, points for clicks, and many more. Register and start generating your daily points.

Wallet: As the name defines, your all income are converted in your wallet. You can withdrawal the money by PayPal. In addition, you can also pay with your wallet to avail the services. 

  • 1. Register with us – it takes just seconds.
  • 2. Activate your account & login to the members area
  • 3. Start sharing leads and complete the task. Follow the simple instructions to start working and earning! Advocate for our services and get paid a commission on every project.

Understanding the concept

Team Work 

Mybonus team includes a full marketing system to make every business flourish. And boost their sales by helping every business with customer relationship management (CRM). In addition to this, we help new users generate passive income with weekly training.

Company Profit Plan 

Earn a monthly share of 100% of our company profits as we sell online advertising, a contact management system (CRM), a traffic booster, a built-in email autoresponder, lead generation, performance marketing, create website, hosting, digital marketing, content writing, 3d Presentation, Voice over, leads, direct mail, and other services to our customers.

Residual Profit Plan 

We will help you build a long-term residual income. Our founder members receive a percentage of a company’s profits based on its quarterly or annual earnings. In addition to this, they can shop and save on their shopping from top brands in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and India on their e-commerce site. We are also open to an affiliate programme.

Become a contributor to advertise your business.

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Our contributor is a person who can write about the desired topics. It can be for his business or for others. The best part is that you can write an article, create a lead generation form, create a form for your subscribers, and sell your products and services with us. In addition to this, we will be sharing our profit to start your second income. Publish more posts for your business and generate points. Whenever a user reads your post, you generate additional points. And points can be redeemed. Always shop and save on shopping listed on Assets page

Become a contributor to start advertising or create your business website with premium web hosting from Paazy Hosting.

  • Our contributor can create a lead form, an autoresponder, and write articles on topics and the products they like the most.
  • You can create a gallery or showcase for your products.
  • Sell your product with payment buttons.
  • Get referral income for every satisfied client.
  • Enjoy huge discounts on your shopping.
  • Get bonuses for your shopping.
  • Write an article and start getting paid directly into your wallet.
  • Helping local business with back links, as SEO specialist.
  • We share our profit of 20% of worldwide sales with all contributors.
  • No selling or recruitment required.
  • Promote your existing business by publishing advertisements or post, and on every article you will get a point. As you know, points can be redeemed.
  • Whenever your post is read by any user, again, you generate the point.

Affordable website hosting solutions.

At Paazy Hosting, we maintain a client-centered attitude – we pride ourselves in our 24/7 support staff whose average response time is 20 minutes and we offer a stable hosting service and a ninety-nine point nine percent uptime guarantee. This way we can guarantee that you will enjoy a trouble-free hosting experience. Our website hosting packages also comprise numerous free-of-charge bonuses. We also offer affordable domain name registration and transfer services. Our web apps installation tool permits you to choose from among more than 40 commonly used PHP scripts and to install any of them with one single click – our PHP apps installer even offers an automatic database creation option. The list of web applications encompasses Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many more.

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